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    Oh Canada, you and your placements of Prairie Land Cities

    Flying should be a cheaper and more viable option soon and with those driving distances probably technically cheaper now. A 20+ journey is no joke. From Thunder Bay -> college -> Tennessee
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    Are You Shitting Me?

    Let Mad Max take you for a spin - my god the glory of practical visual effects!
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    List of conventions (sorted by month)

    Midyear update - if you see any mistakes or missed conventions please let me know and I'll update the above.
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    Convention Schedules

    2015/16 Furry Convention Schedule* - MID YEAR UPDATE *note some dates may change / recent cons that haven't set new dates linked at bottom - USA or Canada +- International 2015 July +- FurWanted: 8th-12th Barvia, Germany http://www.repage.de/member/furwanted/ - Anthrocon: 9th-12th Pittsburgh...
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    Furry convention locator tool

    Cool - nice and simple. Adding a date for the conventions might be great, but maybe hard to upkeep.
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    About Female Homosexuality...

    I wonder if there is any correlation between one-sexed laws like this and women's rights. Is lesbianism more accepted due to the fact that women were "not fully" able to control their lives? It might be possible that the laws disallowing woman's rights in previous centuries has affected current...
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    another good reason not to go to Central Park
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    Welcome to our castle, Castle.
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    Mad Max Hype[er]Thread

    Red Jumpsuit Guitar
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    Am I a bad friend?

    My god - what world do live in? Candyland after the game has been flipped over?
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    Hello everyone OwO

    Welcome. Enjoy. Play. Have fun. I 'm sure the other Germans will let you in their nest....
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    nintendo geones theme park

    Oh yes!!! Double wedding? Dibs on Samus. no matter what Nintendo builds as a park to play on - I'm interested. Star Fox rollercoaster to Mario themed merry go round. Heck yeah I'll ride em!
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    I just got pokemon sapphire!

    throw some balls. have some fun. get some badges. And Crobat!
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    Star wars trailer #2 100x more han solo

    HYPETRAIN - no regrets! This movie - it's got the right feel!
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    Hello, Hoping to fit in

    Welcome to your new home!