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    Hiring: Moonlight Romance (NSFW) - Budget: $50 to $200

    Hi there! I'd be interested in working with you on this! I made a separate thread with all my commission info linked here: https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/cute-colorful-commissions-25-60.1666316/ This has both my pricing guide and examples, which are also below: I have plenty of nsfw...
  2. Plentyblush

    (Commission) Selling: Cute, Colorful Commissions! ($25-60+)

    Hello all! I'm Plenty, and I've got commissions open! Now that my queue is starting to clear up, I figured I'd post here to share for those who may not be familiar with my work. Below is my pricing guide, some examples, and a link to my Trello queue in which you can see my queue of completed...
  3. Plentyblush

    Big Cat Adoptables!

    Two cuties are available for purchase! Prices are set, and to be paid via paypal invoice. If you're interested, comment for one at the following link: www.furaffinity.net: Neon Kitty Adoptables [OPEN] by plentyblush
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    Tips for a first furry congoer?

    Hello all! I have started making plans to to to TFF (Texas Furry Fiesta) in February of 2018. I plan on rooming with my boyfriend, and some friends he has introduced me to. This will be my first furry convention, though I have been to many anime conventions in the past. I will also be wearing a...
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    Anyone going to Furry Fiesta 2018?

    Heya! It'll actually be my first furry con too, I'm so excited! I hope to see you there, will you be suiting?
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    First fursuit ever - Head complete!

    Very cute! I especially love the eyes!!
  7. Plentyblush

    Seeking art for my draggo boi

    He's adorable, I'd love to draw him! Here's my art and my price menu: Artwork Gallery for plentyblush -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. Plentyblush

    Free sona art!

    If it's still open, here's mine! www.furaffinity.net/view/24390664/
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    bring my character concept to life!

    Ohhh I LOVE axolotls! I have a pretty cute style I think would fit really well. Here's pricing info: and my gallery: Artwork Gallery for plentyblush -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Refs would be around $50 depending on complexity!! If you're interested just shoot me an email at...
  10. Plentyblush

    Looking for Comic Colorist

    Hi hi! I absolutely love coloring, and I'd be happy to help you out with coloring the rest of these pages. Here's my portfolio so you can get a sense of my coloring style. plentyblush.weebly.com: plentyblush - the art of isabel milano If you like what you see, please send over an email to me...
  11. Plentyblush

    Hiring an artist for character design commission (Budget 30$)

    I have a pretty cutesy art style, here's my portfolio if you're interested! plentyblush.weebly.com: plentyblush - the art of isabel milano email me at plentyblush@gmail.com if you're interested!
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    (50 dollar limit) Need Art for Christmas Gifts

    Hey there! I offer super colorful busts that I think would fit very well for this. These would be a bit more on the toony side, just so you know. Here's my gallery: plentyblush.weebly.com: Gallery let me know if you're interested and I can make sure to deliver to you in a timely manner!
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    Let me draw your fursona!

    Hi all! I apologize for letting this thread go quiet. I've selected a couple of ocs I want to draw, and I'll be contacting their respective owners to let them know I'll be drawing them. Thanks everyone for sending over references, y'all have lovely characters!