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    (NSFW) My character (f) x your character

    Hi there! What a cutie! I would love to work on this for you. I would be able to do a colored sketch for you for $75 (converted to around 65 EUR) of both characters. That's not something I usually offer, but I'm very interested in this project. They would be flat colored with minimal shading...
  2. PrettyKitty13

    Tutorials You Desire Most

    Hey all! I'm going to be making daily art videos on my art YouTube channel for the month of August and I wanted to make more tutorials and things that would help other artists as well as people interested in art. I work in traditional and digital medias, from colored pencil to acrylic with a...
  3. PrettyKitty13

    Im going to quit my job and become a tattoo artist

    10 out of 10 would recommend to friend ;)
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    Epiphanies You've Had

    Being scared to execute artwork is pointless. It's time to just accept things will be finished, not perfect. It's okay if I don't create a masterpiece every time I draw. There is a such thing as do-overs. I elaborate a little more on my illustration blog.
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    Paid for Commission. No replies or updates from Artist.

    Do you have proof/information of the commission request and payment? I would give a final email stating that if there is no response and refund in *insert timeframe*, there will be an artists beware post on your behalf and on the behalf of anyone who decides to commission them in the future. If...
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    Underrated or Just Plain Awful?

    I agree with what a lot of what's said here. Your style is very crisp, clean, and vibrant as well. But what I think is sorely missing are backgrounds. Backgrounds (or even props) tell more of a story than placing a bordered colored square around a standing character. I've done a few diaperfur...
  7. PrettyKitty13

    What is Your BIGGEST Struggle When Creating Art?

    I'm definitely curious on this topic. I've asked this question to fine artists, those that create for artist alleys, comic artists, now I want to know the furry side. I've began creating videos on my art YouTube channel on how I've been tackling certain struggles, and sharing tips directed to...
  8. PrettyKitty13

    Your Biggest Struggle When Creating Art?

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to do some research and find topics to touch on and help people with on my illustration blog. Everyone struggles when it comes to creating. Even our artistic thought-leaders in the furry community. If you have the time, please answer this one question: What is your...
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    Is Furry Art a Niche Art Style?

    I feel like anthropomorphic characters in general is very niche, but appeals to mass audiences. Look at Disney and Blue Sky. Think of animated movies like Sing or Zootopia, or illustrated books. Those people that like that subject matter outside of the furry fandom is a part of that niche.
  10. PrettyKitty13

    Insectoid Species Reference Sheet

    What a project! I am 100% interested. I provide full painted reference sheets complete with all of the specifications you require for $150 per reference sheet. Since your worker and naked worker sheet are similar with only slight differences, I'll be perfectly fine providing that to you with no...
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    Feral fluffdragon needs a commission or two!

    Hey there! I'd love to give your fluff-dragon the artistic love he deserves! My icons fit right into your budget of $20. They are fully painted, 500 x 500px. Here's an example: For other options and examples of my work, check out my price page: https://prettykittycommissions.com/prices If...
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    LF some artists for artistic freedom character designs! (up to $30 per)

    I am interested. My sketches are $30 per character. Full body. Color isn't included, but for your request, I wouldn't mind flat coloring the designs. Please check out my price sheet here: https://prettykittycommissions.com/prices If interested, please email me at prettykittycommissions@gmail.com...
  13. PrettyKitty13

    Holiday Portraits

    Before the Holidays end, I've been dying to paint a holiday or winter themed portrait. These will be $65USD paid via paypal. I will only be opening one slot, and it will be done before Christmas. Examples of my portraits If interested, please shoot me an email at...
  14. PrettyKitty13

    PrettyKitty's Digital Painting Process

    Not only am I officially launching my email list, but I also have a free goodie for those who sign up! This free goodie is an 18 page exploration of my streamlined approach for starting and completing a digital painting in 8 steps. In the future, I plan on creating in depth tutorials on fur...
  15. PrettyKitty13

    Christmas Gift Commission (150$ budget)

    Hey there, I would be honored to create your Christmas gift. Here's my price sheet. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact me! Thank you. I can't wait to work with you.