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    How much anatomy is really necessary? (Rant Warning)

    Yeah I actually keep a "show" sketchbook and an "experimental" sketchbook just for this. I know what practice is going to come out horribly at first and I can keep it private.
  2. Procompy

    YouTube starting to die out?

    ...yeah see, youtube censorship IS a problem, because it strips monetization away from videos when they have like 50 seconds of a disney movie playing as a joke. That's the problem with censorship. That's why people are leaving. Not because it's "dirty liberal media" stopping you from spreading...
  3. Procompy

    facebook, and furry board art , the same?

    I know some artists share on facebook and there's no harm in following them there, but it's not really made for art. I personally also haven't used facebook in years, partially because I wanted less media to have to check frequently and partly because I don't feel like being exposed to opinions...
  4. Procompy

    My thoughts on Reddit

    Honestly always avoided Reddit. Seems like a waste of time.
  5. Procompy

    Uncommon Species

    Birds. There's plenty of some birds, like parrots, corvids, phoenixes, and raptors (not to mention griffins and other hybrids) but there are so many that I don't really know any examples of. Usually long necked birds because it's hard, but also some that just aren't popular, like shrieks and...
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    How did you name your sona?

    My mascot/fursona is the personification of a joke from a particular chat room, in which i used the name Romana and had my username set to an orangy pink. The joke was that, after making light of long words like procompsognathus, people thought i actually was a procompsognathus at a keyboard...
  7. Procompy

    What would it be like to have a relationship with an anthro T-Rex?

    THIS some friends and i played this at a gaming party as a joke and it was the first thing i thought of when I read the title.
  8. Procompy

    Drawing programs

    Photoshop, Toonboom (Studio, Harmony, and Storyboard), and SAI
  9. Procompy

    How much anatomy is really necessary? (Rant Warning)

    Art is supposed to be for fun. If you don't enjoy making art, it shouldn't be your career or hobby. Of course not every commissioned piece or specific practice is fun, but if it's ALL joyless work to you you're doing something wrong. That being said, being a more skilled artist makes doing art...
  10. Procompy

    Suiting at a non-fur con (Comic con, etc). Advice?

    I don't suit but I go to plenty of anime, comic, and gaming conventions and there's always suited furs around. Everyone is pretty chill about it, just keep in mind where you place your head and body parts if you're unsuited in a crowded area - you don't want it accidentally stepped on!
  11. Procompy

    So, anyone else dislike animals?

    If it makes you feel better it's probably just a cat allergy! Cats naturally have mites in their fur, and the mites' poop causes allergic reactions in a pretty substantial amount of people. Dogs, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, and chinchillas should all be safe for you to be around.
  12. Procompy

    Games from your birth year?

    Kirby's Dream Land, Ecco the Dolphin, Super Mario Kart. First in the series for each. Sequels that year include Super Mario Land 2, which was the first appearance of Wario, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2, first appearance of Tails Seems like a good year for gaming.
  13. Procompy

    Who here still plays ToonTown Rewritten?

    Honestly I thought Toontown outright died.
  14. Procompy

    Why did you become a furry?

    I didn't. I'm a human in disguise.
  15. Procompy

    Ever Worry about your Parents finding out?

    Wait.. is perching on random pieces of furnature not normal? Damn I gotta stop doing that