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    The grossest thing that recently happened to you

    couple days ago. I stubbed my foot on the corner of my bed and cracked a big chunk of my toe nail. Despite cleaning it with peroxide. it got infected and the toe nail started to die so I grab a pair of clippers and tried to cut the chunk off. The second I lifted up the toe nail. About 8 inches...
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    Bitten by an animal?

    I've been bitten by dogs, cats, a boa constrictor, an owl, an a goat,
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    What is the stupidest idea that ever ran through your mind

    M80 firecracker baseball... Enough said.
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    Would you rather? (For lonely people)

    I rather have someone put a gun to my head, tell me to burn in hell and kill me. I went my whole life being made fun of for having a learning disability and having troubles being social because of Asperger's. Was told that I was not gonna have a life, Was told that I would not get my diploma...
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    Are you doing ok. I'm very worried about you.

    Are you doing ok. I'm very worried about you.
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    bad restaurant experiences.

    I had some lady at a KFC tell me too get fuck out after some dude came in freaking out. I cussed the manager out and left. Never went back.
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    The dreaded white screen

    Mine is working now.
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    The dreaded white screen

    I have the white page too. At least i'm not the only one with this problem.
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    What's the most horrific thing you've ever seen?

    a shit load of death videos like them faces of death movies
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    was up?

    was up?
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    Decapitated dog head lives on.

    I watched this back in high school. Fucked up
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    Word. All I do is work. I haven't been on the forums in a while

    Word. All I do is work. I haven't been on the forums in a while
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    How you been doing?

    How you been doing?
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    Strangest/Weirdest place you've fallen asleep.

    in the shower. (I was drunk...surprised?)
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    Violence and Justifications

    If someone was trying beat me up then I would knock their ass out. If someone tried to ​kill me or harm any one in my family. That would be the last thing they ever do. I would see to it that they die a slow painful death. I come from a family of rednecks. We can be the best people you ever...