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  • Yes I am from the Pittsburgh area. I am about an hour south. Love the steelers and penguins. If you ever want to chat hit me up
    Yes I am a baseball fan. Sorry for the long response I am a royals fan. (though I live in Arizona) But I don't mind that your a pirates fan I have a friend who is from pittsburg and is a pirates fan. would you mind chatting through pms?
    but... but none of them involve ice D:

    I confess to watching some MLB occasionally. It's oddly soothing late at night, like a dead man's lullaby.
    hell I just plain hate Boston. Sucks, but we can still pull back from 1-0.

    ...and if they don't you can always watch KHL with me :v
    Show me a picture of an otter with muscle mass. :u

    Also, I just wanted that guy to be slim, not a muscled hunk. :p
    Why oh why? :[

    I thought it was alright, being the first time I've ever ever drawn anything with some basic anatomy. >.>
    Looool. That's so weird how you guys seem to be able to tell when something is off about me. ._.
    How'd you know?

    I was posting while horribly sleep deprived. :[
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