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  • Can they build a dam? A beaverly dam? How about destroy a building with their mind alone?

    I'd be willing to test your theory out...
    *sips his tea* River otters are fine, I suppose.
    ...But can they wrap themselves in kelp, in order to prevent themselves from drifting away while they nap? :u

    Will I gain psychic powers for munching on a psychic otter?
    Silly it is not!
    Don't you dare laugh!
    The cult of my butt is growing at a pace to match the Mormons'!
    I'll never otterize!
    Wait, how 'bout you become a hyena!
    Yeah, that'll work!
    Hey man, I'm not becoming an Otter. How am I supposed to "become an otter" anyway?
    Not going to happen, I'm sorry.

    It's too grand being sleek and sexy like an otter, yet manly and awesome like a tiger... xP
    Real men like purple.

    Pink is for sissies.

    Work them manly otter thighs, Psychic! Work them!
    Not sure about the purity part though... :u
    It should be covered in rainbows and read in large, purple/pink bubble letters; "Cum one, cum all. Cum and embrace the otters! You know you want to..."
    Then put some pictures in there, cover it in questionable sticky residue and ​bam. You got yourself an otter conversion brochure.
    Haha. I'd like to but the other side of the world is a bit too expensive to get to for me. :[

    ...Pointers like what?
    You should commission it from someone... or request. :u

    I don't actually have Microsoft Word so I have no idea. :[
    lol I'm actually drawing a pic for Hewge and giving his otter guy a tiny bit of gut. C: Tubby Otters will be the newest sensation!!
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