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    I don't think I've had anyone complain about having to pay, but many have complained about the price. Too many people are used to artists on deviantart/fiver charging $10-15 for fullcolor illustrations :( There are a lot of people that will disappear when I quote a price tho haha, usually...
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    What kinds of animals do you wanna see more in the fandom?

    fish, lizards, insects, primates... but most importantly otherworldly beings :cool: y everyone a wolf/fox tho
  3. psychonautic

    Your experiences with Redbubble or similar sites

    I've been using redbubble for years and its nice. My stuff rarely sells tho :( for the most part only my old, low quality fanart pieces sell, I try to promote my new stuff everywhere. Their commission prices are higher than society6, but the products cost more. An alternative(for selling shirts...
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    Show me your crafts and sculpture!

    I don't want the thread to die :( where's all the crafty people? I've been working on this, camera doesn't pick up the green very well (I didn't sculpt this, it's a diy unicorno)
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    Any good podcasts you can recommend?

    I like Radiolab. They cover various topics of curiosity from the origins of poison control to stories from animal scientists(my favorite is a tale from a primate researcher that socked a chimp because he wouldn't stop bullying her). They also covered that infamous story about the dolphin...
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    Art gear?

    My digital arsenal is a 4 year old 8x6 monoprice tablet(tablet is great, pen not so durable), photoshop, krita, maya, zbrush and 3Dcoat Traditional is urethane resin, cheap walmart brushes, createx/liquitex paint(replacing it with model color), and duraclear varnish
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    You ever get distracted when drawing?

    I get distracted so easily that I NEED to use my work timer just to determine how much time i spent actually working compared to slacking off Its usually 1-3 hrs a day unless I'm doing 3D work which i get heavily indulged in... : (
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    Have any artsits ever dealt with a commissioner who...

    What pippi said, its standard practice to send wips. The commissioner is still at fault for not reading tho Also you should wait until all the details are set before sending an invoice, saves frustration
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    Help! (Advice needed)

    If they brought the supplies right after you paid then they couldn't say they didn't have the colors needed, p bad excuse. I would file a paypal dispute if you can, going that long without any update/progress is terrible business practice. I would also suggest only giving half payment upfront...
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    Redesigning my fursona, opinions please!

    I think the design is simple yet still distinguishable, so imo its great as is. Though the glasses are a bit difficult to read from afar.
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    Show me your crafts and sculpture!

    Here's a lil salamander boi I made a while ago :3 I'm finishing up a CMYK themed one atm, gotta wait for the rain to stop to take(good) pics :(
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    I'd very much enjoy it if the local moldmakers would actually reply to me so I can finally get into resin casting :( Selling some physical art would be nice too :v and maybe some crafty friends or just local friends in general...
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    Florida furs?

    Hi I live in the Tampa bay area. I don't leave my apartment though because it is too hot and I don't handle it well. but also cause i have no reason to go anywhere but the mailbox :(
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    Underrated or Just Plain Awful?

    As others have said, diaperfurs are pretty niche. The art is higher quality than what I usually see tbh. Maybe try making scenes with stories attached to them?
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    Is it my style?

    Did you have any pre-made things like prints for sale? If so, were they just lined stuff like that? Presentation is key, if there's nothing eye catching at your table, people aren't going to go to it, especially if you're surrounded by more colorful booths. I took a look at your page, I think...