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  • Anyone who’s remotely interested in my work, please watch my FA before the forums go down. I will no longer have a proper place to advertise it.
    I’m convinced that canned soup is the cure-all for a long work shift. Tonight’s menu: gumbo… over a video series on evolution theories, because I’m a nerd
    I knew my immune system was dog water, but getting sick after just a week back at work? -.- At least I have tomorrow off. Lots of homemade soup and oranges for me!
    Welp… my laptop broke. =.=

    It was an old hunk of junk anyway. Currently looking for a new one with better specs
    Well, it finally happened: for the first time ever, I broke my phone. Good thing I'm a broke cheap mf and I'll run it into the ground before I buy a new one
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