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    k thanks for nothing. FA staff just drops a notch on my appreciation list. PS: you are not helping! PSS: I'll shut up now, no reason to go on.
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    jesus how hard is it to keep your business out of my business? I know this is a public forum, but I asked my files back, not from you. thank you.
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    So do you have them or not? because it doesn't make you look good if you just deleted them. it's like you're a photographer, and you give your pieces to a gallery, and over the first night they burn it "yeah sorry we didn't like it" with a big "fuck you" attached to it from the local drama...
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    Wasn't talking to you. And this is directed to you: Why does it have to be that every time I post on a forum, there's a whole bunch of bitching and whining from people that have nothing to do with it. this was directed to the admins. so stop talking to me! /ignore! /FA block
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    Yeah can I get my pictures back then? because they were blatantly removed before I could back them up or remove them myself (or read the comments on them) It's not like it's gonna kill the site because I have 4 pictures up, so removing it on sight without me knowing at that time is very rude...
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    It's over $9,000!

    wow! this means the servers can be... over 9000... or at least worth more than 9k XD
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    Amazon Donations Page

    Well that's fantastic! now you can afford a real server! XD
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    Server Hardware Fault

    Aww man... I wonder what you're running the servers on... what are the system specs of one?