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    When dealing with issue of gender is easy, just use the standard procedure of the Internet: "Assume male until proven otherwise"
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    Because I'm bored - the Hijacking of the Political Parties by Extremeists

    I found biparty system to be rather practical you can focus on what each side promised and do. Our system have 24 political party without any majority, the party with the highest percentage of vote only gather 22% of voice from all the total voter.
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    Here is more info. In case you are into vintage Japanese wood block printed erotica. I seen once a picture with a lady and tengu, the tengu use his beak too ... you get the idea.
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    The strangest song you've ever heard.

    Most music of Einstürzende Neubauten is strange and freaky, not listenable unless you are into that kind of things. Their music features things like a sudden burst of distorted screaming, shouting and then a silence, with only the machinated background can be heard, and then screaming again.
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    Any Rammstein lovin' furs?

    Rammstein was my Gateway to NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte). And now that I grow fond of this music genre I expand to other NDH band as well, like OOMPH! and Megaherz. Partially thanks to them half of my song-library is in German (In other Genre as well, not only Metal-Industrial).
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    Random question.. Do gums grow back?

    That sounds like one major-ouchage. Give us the juicy detail!
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    If you could change your real life name, what would it be and why?

    Replace all the vowel in my name into "a". By now, from seven, six is already "a"
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    DVD collection?

    My collection of DVD is in the number that is expected on the land in where a disc cost less than an Euro. Anyway my favourites: 1. Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, you don't need flashy setting to create bizaar and surreal movie. 2. Kontroll, Another surreal movie shot entirely in...
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    Favourite Ice Cream?

    Pistachio and/or Green Chai. Hoooo yeah.
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    The article regarding mym Land makes it looks like a third world countries. Oh wait ... it is.
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    Aaaah Uncyclopedia, one hell of a surreal nonsequiturs. I dig their self-referencing practice, like the one on Alliteration is particulary awesome.
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    What kind of planes do you like?

    I want a Autogyro It is like a half-plane though.
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    Thin anthro?

    I want my object of desire to be healthy, so anorexic twigs is equally undesirable to me as well as obese slobs. I lean to like a little bit of pudge however. Oh and that Bell curve is win.
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    Is anyone else having freaky weather? 0_o

    Temperatur here is currently 25 Degree Centigrade at the coldest on the day. Normal Weather.
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    I know Javanese and Hebrew a Little, I can read Arabic (But pretty much clueless on it). As for mongolian, I just threw it for fun.