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    ...Okay I gotta ask, what is wrong with you Oakland? Occupy Oakland crackdown again.

    Re: ...Okay I gotta ask, what is wrong with you Oakland? Occupy Oakland crackdown ag The police brutality has to be expected, but sometimes when things get violent it is the only thing that works. In this case, nothing was violent and there was no purpose other than beating a few people...
  2. Quick Wolf

    This was inevitable (more Korea stuff)

    Well, I can't really say that this is unexpected, but I guess it wasn't meant to happen after all.
  3. Quick Wolf

    This was inevitable (more Korea stuff)

    I have to agree with this, not just because of the economic impact, but just because the society and world outlook of North Korea is completely different from that of South Korea, I don't think they would mix well. This being said, if it does happen and it works well, then it benefits both...
  4. Quick Wolf

    Everything tastes bitter.

    The doctor suggestion was only if you truely thought that there was a problem with the taste. I can't tell you what the problem is, but hopefully it stops quickly and doesn't reoccur.
  5. Quick Wolf

    Everything tastes bitter.

    I have had the same type of taste in my mouth before too, but it usually comes and goes without explanation. I would wait and see what happens, if it becomes a massive problem, try to see a doctor if possible.
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    How do you reconcile feeling under-appreciated?

    I think that everyone feels unappreciated at some point in their life, but I have noticed that when it seems like no one appreciates you, they just expect you to know that they appreciate you. I have learned that doing things like helping people can help you in the long run, even if your good...
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    What is found under your bed

    Some shoes, work boots, moccasins, and a power outlet
  8. Quick Wolf

    The feeling of being powerless.

    Everyone has to deal with death at some point in their lives, but the situations that they have to deal with surrounding death are always different. I don't know how this affects the family of the man, but I do know it must be horrible, no one deserves to have to make that choice.
  9. Quick Wolf

    The Dreams Megathread

    The worst dream that I can remember having is probably the best example I can throw out there It all started with myself walking down a hallway in my house, but there was only a small amount of moonlight coming through a window at the end of the hallway that I could use to see. I looked into...
  10. Quick Wolf

    Behavioral Genetics

    I'd have to say that a person's personality is determined by a mix of nature and nurture. I think that some part of a person's personality has to be given to them through genetics, but the majority of it comes from learned behavior. If someone lives in a bad environment, this can negatively...
  11. Quick Wolf

    On Managing Stress.

    I'm not really a fan of the yelling method for managing stress either, it does help some people, but it never did that much for me. I personally like my method of breathing, taking a walk, or talking to people you trust.
  12. Quick Wolf

    On Managing Stress.

    Yelling does help with stress, but I agree that it can be a little weird, especially if people hear you do it and have no idea what is happening.
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    Interpret This: The Giant

    I think that the giant represents either fear or uncertainty in life. The knife represents the perseverance of the human spirit in the face of adversity. And the tooth represents the weight lifted off of a person's shoulders when they overcome their fears or a problem in their life.
  14. Quick Wolf

    On Managing Stress.

    You can never completely avoid stress, but the best thing that I found manage it is just breathing and calming down. Sometimes finding a place where you can sit in the quiet for a time is helpful too, it helps you clear your mind and see that being positive is far more fun than going through...
  15. Quick Wolf

    What's your favourite number and why?

    Definitely 7 and 8. The reason for 7 is that it's lucky and the reason for 8 is that it's infinity when it's sideways, and I never really thought that you should mindlessly accept limits in life.