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    too many dwaggies?

    Well, I'm here. Drakes +1. :roll:
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    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    I am having trouble putting categories with my submissions... when I select the proper categories when I initially upload an image it will cancel and be listed without any information. It will work if I manually go back in and edit it a second time though... :?
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    Account Importing From Old FA [Updated]

    THe pages doesnt even load for me. It just stays on a white screen and says "Done".
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    Hunting down [insert artist name here]

    You can find me on my own website http://www.rfshq.com Also you can find me browsing various forums, one you go to I probably show up on every now and then. I only have my art hosted on FA though.
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    Awesome, I was just about to ask but figured I'd search first. :) :P Didnt want to have to go back and redo my submissions! :P