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  • The world is round, it doesn't have corners :V

    I'm doing alright. Hunting for jobs, getting outside now that it's warmer, and lots of video games. Shoot me a PM if you want, might be less clunky (and more private) than profile-profile chatting.
    I like blotch's art the most as well as high renaissance drawing. I understand that's not very original and is pretty inoffensive stylistically. Not much else actually appeals to me in art, especially not great big paintings, expressive drawing etcetera. Unfortunately that's precisely the kind of work I'm being asked to produce.

    I found that approach really helped me with chemistry. Chemistry is just too complicated otherwise in my view.
    Whether or not other people like my produce it's just completely not the kind of art I want to make at all.

    Overthinking is a difficult habbit to break. Maybe you should behave like a physicist. Reduce a problem to its simplest most essential components and work out a ballpark answer, just to gain confidence, then add in more sophisticated levels of detail in manageable stages. It's surprising how effective this epistemics is- for instance using square-well potentials to calculate the energy needed to ionise hydrogen gets you an answer very near the true value, eventhough hydrogen atoms don't really have square-well potentials- it's just easier to say 'close enough for now'.
    Not very well. I'm at odds with my current art course and since my estimation of self worth is derived from how pleased I am with the art I make this has initiated a negative feedback loop.

    How're you doing?
    There's already been some ​confusion over what I posted. Nothing dramatic though.
    Just for the laughs but it's turning out that it's a place of chronic brain cell loss.
    Aye. Threads/activity is really slow over there though. Playing the waiting game.
    Thinking of going over to the SoFurry forums to see how long i'd last before I get raged at for not being a murry purry furry (by acting myself). Good idea? Yay or nay?
    You may be interested to know that Particle accelerators can hypothetically be used to treat nuclear waste by transmution, so stockpiles could be made safer that way. Getting energy out of them however would be even better.

    I've little idea yet, which is one reason why I chose Earth sciences, it will provide me with a broad base of scientific disciplines and geology graduates go into a huge variety of fields after. My more fancifull desire would be to incorporate painting and illustration somehow, perhaps paleoartistry.
    A friend told me that all the other animals I thought of putting in my name were lame. I chose Fallow because it means unkempt, almost wild and it has cervine connotations. I was going to choose feral, but I'm glad I didn't because that word has secondary meanings I wasn't aware of.

    I presume you chose your name because you're a fan of half life? *terrible physics joke*
    A lot of the students in my class have been complainign how expensive running a car has turned out to be. I suppose it really doesn't help that insurance is so high for young people, you can end up paying more than the car is worth. :\ I don't own a car but I think you have the right attitude solving any problems sooner rather than later.

    I keep having dreams that I've only been offered a place at university because the admissions officers felt sorry for me, or even that they want to laugh at how stupid I am.
    In addition I'm worried about being gay. My parents keep asking me whether I'm going to get a girlfriend, so I feel dishonest for not telling them, but am concerned that if I do then I will magically find out that I'm not gay afterall.
    I suppose we should be thankful that we only have minor problems to fuss over. Fussing is probably quite a good indicator that everything's really okay.

    What kind of things are you concerned about?
    Not very well. I'm worried and scared about a whole plethora of things, even though most are trivial.

    How about you?
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