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  1. railroad

    square enix surprise game

    oh yeah you can click here for guessing apparently i found this in the page of saquere , so the most possible thing here is a re master of the best rpg of all the history but maybe not.... what you think about?
  2. railroad

    Free Image Hosting Sites

    imageshack, BUT, you must save the link of the image because if you lost it you never will see it again ....until you upload it again also theres another places like flickr or fotolog or maybe a free space like telepolis or altavista
  3. railroad

    NONE "evil" scalies in games

    i renember something about a game for wii with a dragon as main character....unfortunately there's bad dragons too DX anyways i dont renember some games because apparently the game designer are a bunch of geeks who loves D&D and have "kill a dragon" in their goals list sigh....we need dragon...
  4. railroad

    what scares the hell outa you?

    spiky bugs because they poison me DX also im a little scared of decapitation
  5. railroad

    Worst Beverage You've Ever Had?

    i second that also...pesis retro tastes like crap
  6. railroad

    what is the most disgusting thing u could put on pizza

    but is deliciousssssssss XD and... no one wants to ate a pizza with spooge or semen on it DX (unless you are fetish XD)
  7. railroad

    what is the most disgusting thing u could put on pizza

    petit suize cheese and caramel XD (dont ask )
  8. railroad

    Sexual Orientation by Gender

    like a told you in the last polls: -im a sexy male XD -im a sexy pansexual male -im a sexy pansexual male dragon -im a sexy male and approved pansexual dragon yeah i copy'n pasta from the other threads
  9. railroad

    "The Worst Way" Game

    Re: "The Worst Way" Game with a bronzee string XD worst way to go to the AC
  10. railroad

    "The Worst Way" Game

    Re: "The Worst Way" Game in a fursuit and asking for yiff a shot in the balls worst way to hide a secret
  11. railroad

    you know you are a furry when...

    you know you are a furry when you post ANY post in this forum EPIC WIN
  12. railroad

    "The Worst Way" Game

    Re: "The Worst Way" Game TROLLING IN BIG SIZED FONT LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL worst way to talk with foreign friends
  13. railroad

    something unique about you

    i detect others personality with only a sight anddd aparently im a lucky bastard who almost dies in 9 diferent ocassions
  14. railroad


    the furry fandom in other word is composed of gays and bisexuals , heteros are balanced but due to the lack of girls heteros stop becaming furry or became gays so the poll results are istill amazing 51 guys vs 8 girls this means: for every 6.3 guys theres only one girl OH NOES!!!! yeah...
  15. railroad


    7 girls vs 48 guys wow :amazed: but,girls exist in the internet,unfortunately the girls are interested on other things than furries and FA :P oh yeah.....by the way im...mmm *checks the underwear* im a male dragon