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    RMFC 2017 canceled

    I mean hey, at least furries are featured in Rolling Stone now? Yay? :\ Also I admit I LOL'd at this part: Miller [...] reached out to actual actual neo-Nazis via online forums. "I told them I was a furry and they said, 'What the fuck is this shit?'" says Miller. "They found out 60 percent of...
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    What are the disadvantages of your fursona?

    LOL! Sorry, I've always been a bit of a goofball. So in a nutshell there's the character itself, just as a casual fursona, and then there's kind of this fictional aspect of her I've played around with for years -- this whole huge story about she and a band of other beings who basically travel...
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    Does anyone else think there's a lot of misanthropes in the fandom?

    That old saying goes, "Speak o' the Devil and he shall appear." Starting a thread on misanthropy seems to have invited some hint of similar flavor. XD Generally speaking, I stay away from the kind of people who start nitpicking about how "irrelevant" morals and ethics are, because 9 times out...
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    What are you listerning to?

    Listening to moar electro-whatever. Because of course I am. XD
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    What are the disadvantages of your fursona?

    Due to her being involved in this whole huge sci-fi/fantasy story, the actual summary of her background and true nature of her species probably absolutely REEKS of "special snowflake syndrome" and it wasn't even supposed to be anything like that, it's just sorta always been that way, haha. Like...
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    Oh how small the internet really is...

    I find that especially when it comes to niche groups of any kind, the internet is indeed very very small. Also certain niches seem to overlap each other a lot. Like if I could map it out, I bet it'd be a really interesting picture, because you have a lot of interests that all sort of...
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! *hugs her tail and blushes* n.n
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    (you) What got you into the furry fandom and why?

    I loved animals as a kid (90's kid here, lol), used to get along better with the dogs and cat than with my own family - my mom used to call me "Doctor Doolittle" 'cause I just had a way with animals. Started having sortakinda what I guess nowadays I'd call "spiritual" dreams about being a fox or...
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    Hiii! So um, I've kinda been a closet-fur for a long while now. I mean, I've been a furry since like 1995? or something? but just haven't really been active in the community or anything. I thought I'd poke my head out and say hi to other furs out there. Hi! I've had pretty-much the same fursona...