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    Taking Requests (Closed)

    @LinnyChanPL i13.photobucket.com: Photo by Sydney Paradis
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    Taking Requests (Closed)

    Not at all, I will take written descriptions as well and try my best!
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    Taking Requests (Closed)

    Looking for some Practice and break art block (feelings I am in), so post your character below with any information you wish me to know. I will draw Anthro or Feral, no humans at this time. Going to close this down at 10 pm (EST) and do the ones I want tomorrow. Will reopen after I draw the...
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    Submission Problem: First Day on the Affinity and I cant even Submit things

    I am having the same issue, I have been unable to upload anything since I joined. I believe this is the fourth or fifth day. The link just brings me to the home page, nothing is working. I would appreciate some help from an admin or someone. Do I just have to sit and wait?