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  1. Rakidex

    what are your hobbies?

    I don't think i have hobbies at all, i just do what i do. you can call it "everything is a hobby for me".
  2. Rakidex

    Furries with pets?

    I have a cat that my family calls him my brother, though i see him about 15minutes a day.
  3. Rakidex

    Have you ever rescued an animal?

    Uhh i think...Never. I would love to but i don't manage to see many animals, nor trapped or wounded ones.
  4. Rakidex

    Have you managed to get close to a wild animal?

    I was like 5 meters(15 feet i think) from a cliff fox in the Negev desert in israel, cute. I managed to sneak behind my cat, a "wild" animal. I saw some snakes at the Negev desert too. But i'm not the guy for -going out to see nature-. Oh YAH i was at thailand and saw tigers at the forest.. + i...
  5. Rakidex

    If you could go back?

    I would reborn as someone else/demon/furry, but for real, i would go back to elementary school days and change my position from *Dat geek over there* to *That unknown person over there*.
  6. Rakidex

    *shy* Hey everyone

    Welcome N' enjooooy yar' stay.
  7. Rakidex

    Ummmmm, Hi?

    Yakyakyakyakyak yep you explained alot about yourself, but the inside is better than the outside! Happy income and enjoy your stay sir!
  8. Rakidex

    Deep Breath... hello...?

    Deep breath....Rawr/ Walkom to di' forurms, congratulations about your discovery of many people who attract to the furry fandom, aswell you may(must) enjoy here, and make awsome friends if you want. Greetings, ???????????????( Thus-Artifictialfoxy).
  9. Rakidex

    Tres'oi! (hi!) new female water dragon here! Looking for friends :3

    Hello..Have fun here and make alot of friends! Yar' free to PM me but i'm not very aknowledge able of fyrafinity so beware.
  10. Rakidex

    What species are you? *improved poll*

    Gaah my fursona is not on this list and you probably won't ever find it..It's not really an anthro but i still call it a fursona becasue of somewhat reasons.
  11. Rakidex

    Hey Guys

    It is intresting,welcome to the forums,feel free to send me pms if you have questions. I draw "half" furries,cause i cn't drw them at 100%(means i just add the ears and tail and som other fetures).
  12. Rakidex

    Hello from the AK.

    Heyy phil,welcome and enjoy the forums,Like -Lucario- up there,you can always send me a PM if you have a question.
  13. Rakidex

    Some Interesting Statistics:

    I think so...or i was drugged. Couldn't understand but now i understand >_< EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!
  14. Rakidex

    Some Interesting Statistics:

    Shudda your mouth,once i read something like this i must reply. Jews are spreaded all over the world,and israel rocks,were not endangered,i can tell gaza is.
  15. Rakidex

    ever had a dream involving someone from the forums? (2)

    Maybe i dream about people here,but i imagine them as what their soul says,not their avatar,only but only what describes them. No matter what ill be never able to dream a normal dream,so anthros and dragons and mythical and weird stuff can get into there,i will never find somebody from the forums.