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    Post the last thing you laughed at online

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    Things That You Love v3.0

    It's been a rough night.
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    Things That You Love v3.0

    Whole wheat pasta. Accidently bought this garbage when I went to the supermarket earlier for dinner materials. The texture is off, it tastes like dirt, and it breaks apart easily when it's introduced to sauce and meat. I ended up throwing the entire pot out. I couldn't stomach it. What a...
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    Vent Thread

    Because everyday reality for them tells a different story. They're not worried about what's happening in the Middle East or Southeast Asia (tbh most of y'all don't give two-damns about the women in these places unless it becomes politically convenient to care about them). They're going to be...
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    Why am I so consumed with hatred?

    Realize that you being angry over people's media choices is utterly pointless. People are going to watch what they're going to watch, read what they're going to read, and play what they're going to play and there isn't a single thing that you can do about it. Seriously, I couldn't imagine...
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    Vent Thread

    Reddit continues to be garbage that should have been trashed a long time ago. The developers have rolled out the next phase of their "get everyone on the app so we can farm the shit out of their data and sell it to the highest bidder" master plan by making it so that most of the subreddits that...
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    Realization: Most people in modern society are anti-social.

    Billionaires don't literally have billions of dollars sitting around in their bank accounts. They secure billionaire status by having at least one billion dollars in total net worth. It's also not a money issue but a logistical and political one. A nation that's ruled by an iron-fisted...
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    What is one thing you know about the person above you?

    Assuming they haven't since corrected it by employing better health choices (losing weight, better diet, higher quality sleep, lowering sodium intake, meditation, etc)? They have high blood pressure.
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    Overrated and Underrated Opinions

    I'm pretty much gassed out on Christmas. The entire holiday has been corrupted by senseless consumerism. Same deal with Thanksgiving. Black Friday summarizes the absolute state of American culture in 2021. The only positive thing about Christmas is that I sometimes get to visit my family to...
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    Vent Thread

    Reading this makes my blood pressure go up.
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    Vent Thread

    @KibaOkami Don't do anything rash please.
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    Random people appearing on my ignore list.

    So I just might be on to something with my "these people on your ignore list are users who thought you were a meanie poo-pants" theory? Huh. ...and now I'm tempted to ramp up my antagonistic forum persona just to see how many people I can get to appear on my ignore list before this year expires.
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    Random people appearing on my ignore list.

    They probably do (actually this also makes me wonder just how many permissions they actually have). Part of me wonders if people who ignored you also appear on your ignore list. If true, it would make sense. Not everyone on FAF appreciates my irresistible charm.
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    Random people appearing on my ignore list.

    Title, mostly. Sometimes I get random users appearing in my ignore list who I don't recall blocking. This is made stranger by the fact that I strictly abstain from using the ignore feature. I don't block anyone for any reason and my DMs/profile comment section are both entirely free for any and...