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  • not wanting to snap someone's knees with a pipe wrench today so it's a vast improvement over yesterday. Loved the zombie day pics you posted.
    Would a thread inquiring the possible upstart/discussion about a FaF newspaper type thing be more suited to Off-Topic or the Writer's Bloc?
    happy birthday ramsay :>

    so it's your birthday AND cody's... lol cool D:
    RAMSAY! I've finally started watching Game of Thrones!
    Stupid sexy Drogo... >>
    Hahahaaa ! I knew it was a typically-american supersized beverage ! But I wanted him to confess himself ! I am as shocked as you are by the way. That's just a retardedly large amount of cola.
    Didn't get to - it was a seven hour journey from the south of England to Glasgow, and the tours stopped at 11am.
    Damn pretty place! Crazy mix of old and new but really quite stunning. And to be surrounded by scottish accents was awesome.
    I was in the Glasgow University campus on Wednesday, for its open day. WHY DID I NOT GET TO SEE YOU? :C
    I WILL WATCH IT. Don't you worry about that.

    I thought maybe there was something wrong with me for liking Drogo after a while.
    GAH, SO LUCKY. I've only just started the second book and haven't seen any of the show yet, actually.
    My fav's are Tyrion and Arya. :3
    ILU even more now, btw.
    Game of Thrones faget detected.

    ahhhhhhh tahenk you thank you thank you *hugs* that helped soso much ^w^
    ohhh i get it now thank you very much :) so its not just a single reply to one person, its a post on a thread unless i i reply with a quote. correct ?
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