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    Open for commission

    I have 5 slots open for commissions. Please visit my page and let me know if you're interested http://www.furaffinity.net/user/randomlizard/
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    Copyright protection, and overprotective artists.

    there's the cheap bastard way of getting an official US date on something you create. 1: make a copy 2: mail it to yourself, make sure there's a postmark on it 3: don't open the envelope unless you're in court defending your right to the work.
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    FA's down, so gather kiddies round

    I'm just not real talkitive online.
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    Worst Beverage You've Ever Had?

    The worst drink I ever had was some awful bottled coffee drink that our school sold for about month. at first it wasn't too bad, but it got worse with each consecutive sip. I had to stop after less than a quarter of the bottle. Then the after taste kicked in and I couldn't get the toxic waste...
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    Commission the Lizard!

    Commissions are open again, prices are listed on my user page. Please feel free to message me if interested. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/randomlizard/ Thanks for lookin! 8)
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    What your screen name means

    My name came from my roleplaying style back when I did a significant amount of it online. Last time I did any roleplaying was about 4 years ago. The name was actually dubbed on me by someone else back when I had a contest to see who could come up with a new Screen name for me since we were...
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    Name your poison

    bailey's. straight up or with coffee
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    Anoying,Addicting,Weird,Stupid sites

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    Paint Programs

    painter 9 is prolly the best for actual painting
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    To settle this once and for all : Savannah, GA Furries

    I live in atlanta, but my mate and i head down to savannah once a month or so to visit her parents and such
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    Browser Tricks

    doesn't do anything
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    Georgia Furries (taking a stab in the dark w/ this)

    I'm from Detroit, but I live in Atlanta while i finish up school. Prolly move to seattle after i graduate.
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    hmmm... it appears i have nothing on the clipboard.
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    What kind of furry are you?

    Orange Crested Gecko. The one and only ^..^
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    Large-scale Exchange

    been finished for a while, figured i should post it up here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/237993/