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  • Randy, when did you get sixteen-thousand posts? How long have I been away? Did I time travel?
    Hey, a grey/black squirrel is an interesting choice for someone from england- with all its 'red red red' conservation aims.
    A summary of dolphins in Greek mythology:

    "Once, on one of his travels, when he was resting on a beach, pirates held him as their hostage because they thought that he was a prince. When he told them that they had made a mistake, they just laughed and continued to sail.

    Suddenly, out of the sea sprang vines laden with grapes. They twined all over the ship. The air filled with the sound of tigers roaring.

    Horrified, the sailors threw themselves into the water, but instead of letting them drown, Dionysus turned them into dolphins. That is why dolphins are one of the most human-like animals."

    So I guess you aren't totally wrong in calling me a pirate XD
    Hello. What do you do if a dog runs at you when you're biking? It's happened to me a few times, mostly I've just stopped and waited for the dog's owner to call it back, but once there was no one around so it's not exactly surefire.
    Yo, Randy! Bicycle tyres lost traction on tarmac groundwater yesterday on the way to work. Thinking I might need some new tyres because of the way that fucked my knee up. You got any brand reccommendations?
    How long have you used your forum avatar, with the black squirrel? Or have you used it elsewhere? It's really familiar to me for some reason, which is strange, because I've only been back for about a week after a 3-4 year hiatus from the furry fandom, and I've never been a FAF member before.
    Hey randy! Add me on MSN will you? Paulfarmfox@hotmail.com my msn is a little buggy so if I don't reply to something post it twice.
    "You just reminded me that I haven't been on msn in ages."

    i don't see you fixing that >:[
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