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    Not sure if this is against the rules?

    Oh, I guess that makes me terrible for making sure that shady bullshit is actually against the rules before I report a guy :B
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    Not sure if this is against the rules?

    Nah, if someone is gonna charge $5 to view a full image, there are plenty of other artists that post their artwork for free, just one less person to give a fuck about.
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    Not sure if this is against the rules?

    It seems a lot like some sort of microtransaction sort of bullshit... and it's not like a portfolio or anything, it's just a single piece of art. Just seems kinda shady...
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    Not sure if this is against the rules?

    Ok, so someone I'm watching has recently started to upload his art, but as a thumbnail, and if watchers want to see the full thing, they need to pay him $5. I don't see anything specific to this about it in what I looked for in the rules, but this seems like something that would be shady enough...
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    Looking for a room for FC '14

    Trying to find a place to sleep for FC this year. I won't be using the room for more than sleeping, showering, keeping my stuff, and maybe to chill out away from the con crowd. Preferably looking for a Wednesday Night - Monday Morning, but I can try to work things out with a Thursday night...
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    looking for roomies for FC 2014!

    I shout out a note, even if this post is a few months old :X
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Yay Raptr c:
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    Favorites cleaning

    Not sure how this would be done, but it'd be nice if there was a way to clean out favorites of "Submission deleted by user" pictures other than having to go through all of them and find the deleted ones.
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    "Streaming Now" submissions

    Another way, playing a little off of that having a tab to show when they're streaming, is have something in the control panel. Sorta like submissions and stuff, have a streaming part. The user that's streaming would go in, check a box that they're streaming, copy-paste the link, and hit send...
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    Taking Requests.

    How's about some practice with floppy ear things? Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1795938/ Side note: I've recently added glasses but haven't added them to the ref sheet yet to reflect this. If you want to go into specifics are far as frame shape, rectangular ovals. Like in this...
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    The expression he makes right at the end... DURP! He's still a little creepy though... I liked the fat little thing. When the bunny pointed he was just like "What... I just wanna eat my nut ;~;"
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    Any Furries Play MMOs?

    Mabinogi Dungeon Fighter Online Dofus (sorta) Vindictus Closed Beta Runescape for the lulz (randomly follow people)
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    Here's the big difference though buddy. The banner, it's a innocent cartoon. ;)
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    Games you wondered why they where never continued

    Metal Arms, though I know why that one wasn't continued. They were in the process of making a sequel, had a lot of the main animations done and all that... then those faggots fuckers WoWfags people over at Blizzard bought out Swingin Ape Studios and canned Metal Arms 2. It needs more zombies...