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    What are your hobbies?

    Art, computer programming, reading/writing, and playing music are the main ones. I also like exercising and going to amusement parks. Trouble is, all these hobbies are fairly time-consuming. I'd love to get more into gaming and watching cartoons and anime, which I also enjoy, but I can never...
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    What’s your “I’d like to claim I was younger”?

    I legitimately thought that the crust on bread was more nutritious than the rest of the bread until I was 19 years old and was explicitly informed otherwise. I guess my aunt’s effort to get me to eat my whole sandwich (when I was a little kid) was a little bit too effective.
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    Quarantine living

    This whole quarantine is not going well for me. I’m an introvert, but only slightly so, and I’m definitely not a homebody. I do love to stay in on Friday nights, but the rest of the weekend is usually filled with doing fun stuff outdoors and/or outside of the apartment — going to the movies...
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    Vent Thread

    I feel you. Same thing is happening to me.
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    Yum or Yuck

    Yuck to fish, yum to chips! honey roasted peanuts?
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    Yum or Yuck

    Haven’t had it before, but my guess would be yuck, as I don’t really like seafood. With the exception of... Clam chowder?
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    ABC’s of animals...

    J is for Joey
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    Yum or Yuck

    Yuck. I want to like them, but I can’t. On a similar vein: Breakfast burritos?
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    Yum or Yuck

    Yum! Blueberry bagels?
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    Yum or Yuck

    Yum! Shrimp ramen noodles?
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    Yum or Yuck

    Yum? I think. I don’t know if I’ve ever had gluten free pizza. Spam (the canned meat)
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    Working from home now?

    Got a text from my boss last night saying that we are cleared to work from home, starting today. Before this week, it was only allowed for at-risk people. I don’t know if it’s mandatory or not, but I think I’m going to do it because I have a bit of a cough and, well...Can’t be too careful. I do...
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    Vent Thread

    I have developed a cough right around the same time everyone is panicking about the coronavirus. Which I’m honestly getting tired of hearing about. while it’s possible I have it (I was at a sports event where someone was infected) I’m pretty dang sure it’s just allergies/asthma, because the...
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    Ghosts of the past

    I have this weird thing where I hate giving up or quitting stuff, so I try and never leave any forums that I join. Although as I’ve joined more and more this has become more difficult. I did vanish for like upwards of 4 years from the majority of the Internet. It wasn’t intentional; I was just...
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    Give a weird random fact about yourself!

    Ooh, I’ve got another one. I was quite literally dropped on the head as a baby. In the kitchen. I don’t know what my dad was trying to do specifically when he dropped me, but I can use it as a scapegoat for so many things. :D