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    I swear everyone and their mom has a fursona or OC that's either a canine, a feline (typically a big cat), a horse, an otter, a rabbit, or a dragon. You never see apes or monkeys. I've never got why fiction portrays them as so relaxed though. They're not the most mellow animal.
  2. Raspberry

    Furry ears: What style do you prefer?

    I've noticed something: Almost every furry character I've seen has upright ears. It's pretty rare to see one with floppy or folded ears.
  3. Raspberry

    Offline, who has given you shit for being a fur?

    Why would they? I just like animal characters, woopty-doo. Maybe if I was a fursuiter it'd be odder but I just like animals. I've always liked animals. I was gonna become a vet until I decided to peruse human medicine instead.
  4. Raspberry

    So..Characters who are actual breeds.

    This is referring to domestic animals. Dogs, cats, etc. I can't say it's common to see characters who are breeds. The most I see are Border Collies or Huskies. I've never got this. Maybe in furry animal societies people don't care about breeds much so everyone's mixed? Then where did breeds...
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    Sonic-style furries?

    I always figured if I was a fan-artist I'd feralize the Sonic characters. It just screams to me more. I don't mind Sonic OCs as long as they're good OCs.
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    So, does this fandom have a name?

    I can name dozens of series with in-animate characters - anywhere from Toy Story to Thomas and Friends, Frosty the Snowman to Veggie Tales - and I'm assuming this has a name.. Right? There has to be a fandom for fans of in-animate objects.
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    Would you live as a pet?

    How old was the kitten? Most ferrets are pretty shabby hunters actually - they can barely hunt mice - so I assume the kitten was pretty small and young. You shouldn't expect pets to interact well when they're new; even a dog or cat can harm a new pet.
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    Furry Anime

    Don't know if any of these have been stated already but.. Kaiketsu Zorori Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro from the toilet training tiger meme Jewelpet Nyanpire Suzy’s Zoo Daisuki! Witzy Cat Shit One Happy Happy Clover Hatara Kids Mai Ham Gumi Animal Yokocho Kawa no...
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    Hooves, wings, paws, fins, or hands?

    What does your fursona have? Do their limbs work more realistically or what? Mine always has non-prehensile hooves. I figured in the anthro-verse version of him there'd be tools and specific versions of certain objects for animals with hooves, so he uses those but when he can't he just makes...
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    Children's Cartoon's Are Weird...

    There have always been oddball cartoons. The 80s through early 2000s were full of them, especially Nickelodeon.
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    How often do you write?

    I rarely write actually. That might be the reason I think my writing skills have gone sour since middle school. I used to write every bloody day but nowadays I'd be lucky to write 30 minutes in a month. I can only write when I have a certain inspiration. This inspiration usually pops up at...
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    Fursonas and Their Ideal Job

    My fursona is a pig. He doesn't have a job. No seriously, I never thought to give any of the animals in the -verse I made careers; that never even came to mind. They're don't work.
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    How tall is your 'sona? Why?

    I don't use my fursona but the anthro version of him s just over over 3 feet. I wanted him to seem like his actual species so I used the average length as his height. Actually, he's shorter than the average (4 to 5 feet) which fits since I'm shorter than average.
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    Would you live as a pet?

    If I was a dog I'd have no chose. I'd hope I'd be lucky enough to be someones pet. I believe all domestic animals should be with humans. It's sad that feral animals are a thing but it happens.. Now, if my fursona was a domestic animal? Same thing. I'm not fond of stuff like Warrior Cats or...
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    Joshua Barney, creator of ask keis, is gone.

    From the posts on his journal I assumed that but I didn't want to make a jump.