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    Who's going to IndyFur Con 2015?

    I am, so is my sister and her fiance. :) It's a pretty great one to go to as a first convention. but I might be biased since it was my first con. If you are near the south side of Indianapolis, you should also hit up the Whoozfur meets in Greenwood. We would love to have you! If you see me at...
  2. RatCoffee

    Minky Fabric For Body Suit?

    The minky fabric I have has a pile height of only 3 mm or so. It is very short. I have used it where I would use fleece. It is on the ears, nose, paws, and tail of this suit. I'm not sure about using it for a whole bodysuit and I don't think I have ever seen a whole minky bodysuit. I figure it...
  3. RatCoffee

    Seeking fursuit head critique

    I have been continually improving but now my suits seem to be stagnating, I guess? My last one was kind of disappointing to me and I really would like some help on it and my suits in general. From least recent to most recent: Fox - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13978236/ Tiger -...
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    Whats with inflatables?

    Fetish. These are furries, the answer is always fetish.
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    I've heard that some do. It's a really big con will all sorts of people.
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    Species dysphoria?

    I'm a human who likes animal people. Boring, I know.
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    ever tried googling your username?

    Last time I did it, the top result was a news article about rat droppings contaminating coffee. Yuck. I just did it again, and now it is profiles of me on other websites, and then a wiki article about civet coffee. I did not plan on being associated with feces.
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    How did you raise money for your fursuit?

    Honestly I am a cheapass, so I started making fursuits and selling them on furbuy once they didn't look like total ass. I put the money back into my hobby and kept doing it until I was good enough to build a personal suit. Not what you were looking for, but it's how I did it. Sometimes I think...
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    My furry alter-ego

    I like the yellow! Is there any way you can make the picture a bit smaller, though? The whole thing doesn't fit on my screen at once. D: Edit: Pictures, I guess. I was only looking at the last post in the thread, haha.
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    How old we're you when you went to your first convention/got first fursuit?

    I made my first fursuit as a Halloween costume when I was 13. I definitely would not recommend commissioning one at that age, since you can still grow. I would say wait until you are 18 to commission a suit for two reasons. One is what I already mentioned, growth. The second reason is that a lot...
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    Need my glasses! Anyfur got a workaround?

    I just wear my glasses inside my head. I have good ventilation out the mouth, so it doesn't fog up.
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    Makin' a Salamander - Which Fabric?

    That sounds kinda kinky. I think fleece would look the most like skin, but short pile fur seems like it would be much easier to work with.
  13. RatCoffee

    Ohio fur stuff

    I don't know how active these groups are since I am not from ohio, but I would try asking people here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ohiofurs And here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/neofurs
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    Looking to invest in a sewing machine soon! -- Pfaff??

    I totally agree, but I am definitely one of those sewing crafty types of people... I keep swearing I will use the fancy stuff eventually. XD
  15. RatCoffee

    Looking to invest in a sewing machine soon! -- Pfaff??

    I don't know anything at all about Pfaff. I have a Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 835, which is a quilting machine. My mom got me it as a present when I got into fursuit making. We were at Joanns and they had a dealer inside, with demo machines set up. They showed me this machine sewing through a...