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Ravy Marie White

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  • Portuguese's a tricky language ^^ Not as tricky as German Imo.
    What did you pick up from his teachings? :3
    Thank you for the compliment ^3^ Also, I'm Portuguese ^^" (Portugal Portuguese, not Brazilian Portuguese).
    Still, this fandom might/not become mainstream. Even if that does happen, it will be unique. Adults who love hugging and squishing plushies and eachother. Adults who let their inner-child come out to play for a while. There's nothing like that anywhere, in any fandom. The Anime fandom for example: I belong to it as well (I used to be more of an "Animeaniac" a few years ago. I just watch specific themed animes. I don't watch long-running series like Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball and things like that), and all the "adults" involved in it don't see it as a regular thing. They do it because "Oh I need to fit in a special group just because". They don't actually like it. It's kind of rare to see furries acting like that. Adult people especially. Adult Furries LOVE what they do in this fandom, whatever it may be. They just love it. They feel it.

    (Idk if I made any sense. I did try my best but:
    - english not my native language;
    - i'm feeling so sleepy;
    - my brain is starting to shut down.
    I'll just talk with you here, so your Intro Thread doesn't get to turn to a trainwreck xP (also this will have 2 posts, since you can only post 1000 characters :V)
    I'm enjoying talking with you so far btw.

    As for that journal, I totally agree with what Media posted.
    But yet again, I believe the Fandom needed this "normality" to strike it at least once, so people would stop bitching and pointing figures.
    There were even cases where people were threatened at work/home because they were found on FurCons or hugging furries (because short-minded people still believe that being a furry is a 200% sexual deviancy that should be exterminated).
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