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    Hiring: ($50+) 2 character commission (human and feral sfw)

    Hello! I am looking for an artist to depict two characters of mine. One is an eastern dragon and the other one is human. They have a platonic type relationship. I’m thinking bust up or waist up. I’ve attached a photo that sorta resembles idea of what I’m looking for in terms of posing. looking...
  2. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: ($35+) Need dragon chibis

    Hello! I am looking for a couple of chibis for some dragon characters of mine. I would say my cap is 40 each. Just need two of them, and they are feral dragons. please post examples and I will pay via PayPal. thank you!
  3. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: Need ref sheet - $60

    Hello! So I have a ref sheet of this girl already but I’m looking to get her made into a plush. I need a ref sheet that’s more cutesy and would translate better into a plush. Basically something more chibified. current ref www.furaffinity.net: Nadira Reference 2019 by Haskiens by...
  4. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: Looking for feral peryton design $15-60

    Hello! Currently looking for an artist to design a peryton design. I'm looking for flat colors only, can be a sketch or a lineart. I would also prefer if you can turn this around within a month. That's about it! Please post any examples you may have. I prefer replies vs PMs. Payment via...
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    Free Art: Open requests! (close)

    I have this girl if you're interested. Thanks for your time! ★ Nadira on Toyhouse
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    Hiring: Looking for feral dragon artist

    @NekoYoukaii would the flat body be $50? if so, how much additional would the cell shading be? Thank you!
  7. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: Looking for feral dragon artist

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist to draw a feral dragon of mine. I can provide the ref on request. Basically just looking for chibis, sketches, headshots, smaller comms right now that don't involve a lot of shading or finish. My budget is currently $50 via Paypal. Thank you!
  8. Rdphoenix

    LF artist for alien character

    Hello! I am currently looking for an artist who is comfortable with drawing an alien character. Something more along the lines of Mass Effect. I'm mainly looking for flat colored works/pixels/anything that would fall into my budget. The character is already designed. Please post relevant...
  9. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

    Thank you! I will definitely keep you ind mind! I'll likely make a decision this coming Tuesday ^^
  10. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

    I will definitely keep you in mind! Sorry for the late response. I'll likely pick someone this coming Tuesday
  11. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

  12. Rdphoenix

    Feral/Anthro Headshots, Full!

    I have this guy: Lyric on Toyhouse - with an arrogant expression or this gal - playful/tilting her head maybe? (second link for face markings)
  13. Rdphoenix

    Free Headshots - 3 Slots [ > CLOSED < ]

    I'll drop this guy in for a chance: Lyric on Toyhouse Thank you!!
  14. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

    Oh hey I've worked with you before. The two dragon ref sheets. You were pleasant to work with. I'll send you an email during my lunch break. :)