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  • To the message you left me many months ago, it's because I used to be here everyday way back when before this place got boring.
    Sorry about the mixup, this is what I was talking about when I said The Thing. I saw the new one in theaters twice.
    You have liked one of my posts too many, prepare to feel the wrath of my friendship request!
    There is plenty more on the way! If you have any suggestions or something you would like me to attempt at drawing, then let me know! I always need a new challenge to help me get better.
    Look, I never speak ill of the dead and never have. What has happened to that person, happened because he was selfish and an complete idiot. I know this because I talked to the family, and they believe so as well. I knew this person before coming here a little more than what I lead on in that post. I know how that came off, but trust me I forget that not everyone knows that here still being new I suppose.
    I felt like I needed a change. It would have been "Zeke", but the name was already taken.
    Yah. It's just hard to fight against everything. i'm about to just say f it all and be over with it.
    I am not trying to be mean and I'm sorry if I am, but I don't like gay people. I don't like guys acting like girls in their own special way. I am extremely masculine and so is Lee. I guess this whole thing is coming from the fact that I'm the only guy sibling. I have three sisters. I think I'm getting my feelings mixed up with Lee for me wanting a brother.
    Yep, "Rachet's Eye"... Picked it because it just so happened to match Roose's eye color, so it made a perfect avatar (since I don't have an actual avatar pic of Roose).
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