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    What's your favourite christmas film?

    Miracle on 34th St. Hands down winner.
  2. RedFoxTwo


    And it's my job to stand just outside the room staring with narrowed eyes at the people talking inside.
  3. RedFoxTwo

    Well, hullo there!

    I think you're in the wrong place.
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    Bored and Rusty~

    The way I always figure it is if you're looking for something to draw, why not try your hand at something no-one's ever tried before, and see how you can make it work. For instance, you could pick two completely unrelated animals and see if you can draw a convincing hybrid. Eg. A Salmon and a...
  5. RedFoxTwo

    Make fun of your own country

    And then when the clouds part and there's a clear blue sky overhead it suddenly becomes about eight degrees kelvin.
  6. RedFoxTwo

    Just War Theory

    I never really got the impression they acted any differently as is. On a side note, you guys really aren't doing anything to assuage my amerophobia.
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    Game of the year?

    I still don't get why everyone loves the half life games so much. Sure they were doing something MILDLY original and generally more polished than the other games around at the time, but I certainly don't think they deserve anything close to the praise that they get. The combat is fun but...
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    Heyoo :3

    You must certainly love the colour green.
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    New to FAF!

    Good that you've got the abbreviation sorted already so we don't all call you Kan, Nako or K-Dog.
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    Who is your current furry crush?

    I remember the good old days when kids didn't have stuff like Sonic or Fox McCloud or Pokemon, and just grew up liking humans like everyone else (usually).
  11. RedFoxTwo

    What are your favorite uncommon furry species?

    What is there that could possibly offend anyone about beaks? People look at birds every day. Anyway, birds are teh smex.
  12. RedFoxTwo

    Who is your current furry crush?

    Dear God that's a blast from the past.
  13. RedFoxTwo

    [Skyrim] As horrible a thought as it is...

    I don't know how you've managed to miss them but there's a fair few mods that affect the beast races as well as werewolves.
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    You Won't Fucking Believe This

    Ah, sorry. You'll have to excuse my inherent prejudice against content free entertainment media.
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    Just War Theory

    Step inside the shoes of a soldier for a moment who's been deployed in Afghanistan. The politics of the situation are irrelevant because you're just here to do your job. You've been told that in the past weeks insurgents have been increasingly strapping bombs to women and children who wear...