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    A-Z Requests ~Closed for awhile~

    RE: A-Z Requests ~OPEN~ My characters name is Redin Outmir. Here are some References: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1166177/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/859533/ I really don't mind what kind of pose it is and if possible could you include the guitar? It didn't really specify...
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    Simple Request

    I need an avatar for my FA profile. It really doesn't have to be anything overly fancy, just a little something to replace the little paint brushes. If possible I would like it to be of my Fursona. References: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/859533/...
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    Most of My music is either Orchestral, or with Ensembles that would be too hard to get enough people interested in making a recording. But as far as singing being difficult I agree to some extent, but in my opinion playing any kind of instrument with a multitude of keys, IE: Sax, clarinet...
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    Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list

    I don't really think that web-hosting will be a problem until way later on. Plus with both proboards and Invision you can buy the domain. So if we ever do decided to have something like that then we could just buy the domain and not be losing any data or anything.
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    Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list

    Something that I was talking to Ligaa about is perhaps creating a seperate webpage/forum for the clan once we get more people interested. If that is the case I'm pretty decent with Invision and proboards so I could have a basic one set up in like half an hour.
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    ok ok...everywere i look

    The main reason, in my opinion, is that being around other people that share the same interests, ie furry, tends to make people become more open about things like that. That fact along with the relative anonomousness of the internet allows people to become more open about how they feel towards...
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    Taking Requests: Gay Porn

    I only have one character with limited reference pics. Redin: Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/859533/ Species: Ferret Fur color: Light Brown for all of his body except for the tip of his tail which is darker brown and his belly fur is a lighter shade of brown. 2nd male: Seeing...
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    Gaming moments that make you go "whoa"

    I was playing a CoD4 tournament and had a guy get a head shot on me across the map on Backlot with a Deagle while in last stand. It was Epic.
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    Anyone on Call Of Duty 4?

    Thanks. ^^ Yeah once we get some more people together we can start having actual practices. Although we may need to find a way to connect to each others party X3
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    Introducing AnthroVerse

    I think it is a great concept but as Aden said, there will be a high risk of trolls making accounts so I would suggest some kind of moderation with all of that. But seeing as this is still pre-planning I wish the best of luck and I'm willing to help in anyway that you need.
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    Taking Music Requests

    For everyone who has been waiting on the music stuff it's going to take a bit more time than I thought. I didn't get the music program that I asked for and since it is in the 50$ range I'm going to have to save up my money to get it and with me being Jobless and what little money I have...
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    Anyone on Call Of Duty 4?

    You know we could always set up a GameBattles team for each division. That would require us to play together more AND actually get out there and practice a bit. Btw my gamertag is "tKg Vice Wolf" and not just "Vice Wolf". Although I will probably be changing it soon since tKg has died out.
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    Showcasing Musicians

    I’m just throwing this out there but would anyone be interested in working on a collaboration CD type thing for FA? We could do something like have a song which featured each musicians talent in writing or performing. For example, if someone has a nack for writing lyrics we could get them...
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    circuit bending

    Yeah, I'm actually working on my own version of the Samchillian Tip Tip Tiop Cheeeeepeeeee. Which is one of the instruments featured on that website.
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    circuit bending

    I'm not so sure about "circut bending" But I have some experience with making random instruments out of stuff. Ex. A plywood Tenor Sax, working on a PVC marimba type thing, and I've made a double flute. If you are interested in stuff like this I would suggest oddmusic.com It's a great...