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    You will not be forgotten.
    I wonder which of us hates these fucking character limits worse. There just isn't a way I can narrow down everything I want to say to you right now in the limits of this lil' box. But because not writing or drawing enough was one of the few things you ever got on my case about, I've resolved to take up writing in your honor, regularly. I've plunged in head deep. Lyrics, essays, forum posts, probably a blog at some point in the future. So hopefully if I feel your presence it'll neeeeever nag me about writing again. And let me know when you're coming so I can bring some weed in time.
    Hi Red. I know you're gone, but I need to say this. We really only met this past July, just before my birthday, because I had a nice windfall and wanted to do something nice for someone. I knew nothing about you other than what I recently read in your replies. I didn't even know you were trans. You just seemed like a really cool person, someone deserving of help, so I reached out to you asking about your truck's broken A/C. And after some more back and forth, and especially the type of questions you were asking and HOW you were asking, I saw an enormous potential in you, and wanted to take you in under my wing, so to speak. You were on your way up, and I was going to teach you how to soar.
    why do so many furries die in the road? Ill never drive again. I mean, a lot of people die on the road anyway

    R.I.P red you were one of my fav. members of this forum.
    I forget. :^)
    Been forever since I came back to the forums. Before that there was another forum I frequented and they didn't care about double posting.
    We must sing a lovely hymn for Clayton, the fallen hero of FAF.

    Let he be forever guarded from Tumblr and the demons that dwell within.
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