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  • Though it died rather quickly. I think the other current pony thread is on page 13.
    you saw my userpic, right?
    a young, muscly, long haired wuff with his wrists bound?
    it's a metsaphor about something, I dunno.
    I can't be tamecd
    Ehhh i say put it in the den because it isnt about your nor stories about your fursona so just put it in the den.
    Man that shit really fucking sucks. Getting a job here is hard too cause everybody relies on the auto industry and Chrysler is always going down and idfk.

    I'm all the way up here in Canada though... but I will be moving soon.
    For those that see this, TAKING A BREAK. Need to get life stuff on track. I'll be back eventually, though.

    I'm kind of in between jobs, homes, and semesters. So things will be rough, and internet sporadic. So I'll just cut loose and focus on the important stuff.

    Peace. ~cc
    FA front page. I've seen him a few times before. I recognised the crazy way he draws the faces with the strange noses.

    Or at least, I think it's a nose.
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