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    FA front page. I've seen him a few times before. I recognised the crazy way he draws the faces with the strange noses.

    Or at least, I think it's a nose.
    You don't understand, the lyrics I got planned,
    they will blow your mind, so dude lets rewind.
    Back to when your rhymin had timin,
    or maybe you thought that cus your mama was lyin.
    She said you would be a rapper, bigger than Eminem,
    but all your really good at is screwin big fat men.

    You should see, you can't beat me, so give it up, Mr Caliente,
    your name says your hot, but the truth is your not.
    So stop all this play acting before someone gets shot.
    Drop the mic son, you ain't got what it takes,
    your like Michael J. Fox, g..g.ivin me the shakes.
    Because I don't know what your sayin, is it meant to offend.
    It ain't working, so don't give up your day job my friend.
    The internet and FA is calling to you,
    so you better runn and get your tube sock from your shoe.

    *tosses mic at your feet*
    Sure dude, spit those rhymes, and I'll make one up in response to you XD

    Well, I thought the saying sounds quite weird 'Miss Naive'.... So.... Yeah...
    I've clicked on a few of them for the hell of it.

    I generally regret it.
    Hohoho! He is verrry very sneaky sir! :>

    Winking only when the persons not looking, like some sort of ninja!
    You seem like the kinda guy who wouldn't mind taking the time rant about a whole lotta' shit. We aught to have a chat sometime!
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