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  • Yikes. Kitchen accidents can be awful.

    And I'm going to Wakarusa and Bonnaroo this next week! Going on a 2 week road trip to both with a friend. Should be exciting. Should be a helluva trip!
    Eh. It is what it is. Just hurts more to have the sutures out and the bandages off than I expected. But it's a necessary evil to mend some serious damage I endured on a workplace accident back in October in a high-end Manhattan kitchen.

    Where you thinking of doing for your vacation?
    Not doing too bad. I'm a miniature vacation as I recover from some foot surgery (got a bone taken out). Haven't been active on the forums in forever and decided I'm come back and bother people. So little posting activity these days. ;_;
    Im working on getting us another virgin. By us I mean me but you can have him afterwards.
    I need you to acquire Steven for me. He is the forbidden fruit and I need him, but he keeps rejecting my advances. I know you have a way with words, and you need to bring him to me as my boyfriend aka bitch if you want to keep getting this dick.
    AYYY. I'm responding on the wrong day I suppose, but I am also getting the tipsy. Had a really rough couple days, but everything is peachy after all. The best way to top off such things 0:
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