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  • Haha, It's cool. I don't really speak as much, let alone say what I am so I can understand the misunderstanding.
    Just wanted to say that I love your "About Me" poem story thing! That and your character seems hella cool :3
    I understand. I just wanted to let you know that I didn't go to all these profiles and start abusing people. I swear.
    Yes I called that guy a pedo and it was wrong, but it was only in retaliation to him attacking me for being raped. I won't repeat what he said I dare not. I should not have lowered myself to his level but it was in the heat of the moment. I can't believe he had the nerve to report me after what he did to cause my reaction
    Thanks hun, im doing great. Hope you have a wild weekend ;P
    I don't really know stoner rock. I know how to use it as an example ><

    I would be maaaaaaaaybe interested but bluh i dunno if it'd be my thing. I actually do really love super weird stuff. I don't justify pieces that weird for my own amusement, I really do love them.

    Regardless, I'll give it a shot, now's not the time to be close minded. Kyuss, any others?
    So calling me immature, and attacking me because I was honest about my bipolar which was my reason for not approaching him ....that's you not being negitive right? i guess you are right. That's you being a bully.
    You were not there. Simple as that.
    You said your piece and you could have moved on. I'm immature? You like getting a rise out of me for your enjoyment. I am blocking you now. I don't like the way you treat others on the forum
    I know, I know. :p

    Love ya, girl. ;)
    You should make a furry FB account. :)

    Do you have a Skypes? I have you on Steams but I never catch you when you're on ;~;
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