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  • This is weird, I read that little story in your about me and while I read it the theme to the Good, the bad, and the ugly was playing on my Pandora!
    Lmao leave it to FA staff to close a legit thread. You're honestly not even allowed to have "general discussion" threads on here. IT'S A FUCKING FORUM.
    I did see it indeed. I don't know why people just say no to grunge, it's like the best thing music had going for music in the last 20 years.
    I think because it was a bit pushing it from PG-13 to an R rating...that's about it...and Alexinsane baiting/shitposting with asshattery.

    The thing I wanted to say before it was locked was that if you have a job that keeps you interested in it and creates memorable stories, then it is a job worth having....at least in my opinion.

    From what I understand, there are some states that allow it without the sell of the "Aromatherapy" items that makes Pink Floyd's the wall a nightmarish experience....and others that do. Virginia is batting it back and forth since they are worried that the psychedelic items will fall into the hands of children.
    So basically it is a "Stamina Potion"?
    (I should take a picture of the poster next time I walk by)

    And Sorry about your thread dude..
    I have a question for you: There's a smoke shop not too far from my workplace that sells something...that looks like a drink called "pussy". Do you carry this...and what is it?
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