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  • Ohmy
    I was just speaking my mind and answering your question honestly, yo. And thanks!

    Although, I do like to pretend that my 4am posts never happen xD

    *Ignores how this is a way late reply* :[
    Yes well, I am at fault as well, and I too send my apologies. I am glad that we have reached some mutual understanding of one another, at least. You admitted to making a mistake, which takes a lot of guts, especially on the internet. The very fact that you sincerely apologized for being assumptive shows me that you are a person willing to grow beyond those mistakes. Because of that, you are beautiful in my eyes. Thank you.
    I think getting worked up about appearance is something everyone deals with, especially women, so you're not alone.
    Being cis, I'll never know the kind of dysphoria that trans people experience, but I do know what it's like to hate your appearance. I'm glad I could help you be more comfortable with yourself, even if it's just for today, or even a few hours. If you ever need reminding, I'll be here. Like I said, tall ladies got to stick together.
    I don't have anything against anyone wanting to be civil about it, which is why I told you to ask Mentova about it for a second (and more senior) opinion. Your school trip analogy actually is pretty accurate to what happens in real life, certainly in my old school. All of the class got detention for only a few student's mischief. But that's mostly irrelevent anyway. I'd love a place where this is civilly discussed, but I can't see how it can be done without 24/7 moderation and then people complaining about the moderation and comparing it to censorship.... :/
    Threads like that - the vast majority of the time - devolve into taking shots at admins and just spewing hate and vitriol in general about staff. We don't accept that behaviour when it's directed towards a user, so we don't accept it when it's directed towards staff. As to your question: " if a user is expected to keep all issues between staff members "private" and they receive a cold shoulder in communication methods, pray tell, what is the proper course of action?", they are not being given the cold shoulder. The only reason for are non-reply is that due to the huggggeee ticket backlog and lack of people to deal with it, we simply haven't gotten around to it yet.

    And as for your thread suggestion... I really don't see how that can be free of the same issues we just had, but ask Mentova, since he's the bossman around here.
    Hey that's fine, I'm always on.

    Total martial art nut too if you are into that stuff.
    Just pretty living, not doing bad but not doing much.

    Anything I can help with?
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