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    ... I had to read that about 5 times... 3 of the times I was squinting, that last time I was squinting very hard, but I digress No satire threads? :\
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    I believe it was a satire of the Fat and proud thread quite tasteful, too, I liked it
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    watch dogs

    You can guess from my avatar that I am pretty excited. Also, pertaining to the scripted v gameplay, even as a novice developer, all the things I've seen would be pretty easy for Ubisoft to implements as a part of actual sandbox gameplay. Tying it into the story is more of what I have seen. If...
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    E3 2012 - Anyone even remotely excited?

    It was so-so, like every E3 before it it wasn't what we hoped it would be. I'de have to say I'm really excited for Ubisofts Watch Dogs, and The Last of Us I think stole the show Nintendo... tried, I think the WiiU will be something we have to get our hands on, not watch fake families pretend...
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    Yet another new one

    Welcome to the site, its always good to see more artists :) Remember to read important looking sticky topics, and don't mind some of the abrasive personalities you'll find here There are a lot of great people here
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    If there ever really was a alien invasion what would it look like?

    if they had the technology to swiftly come lightyears to visit us, they probably have weapons more advanced than we can possibly conceive Think of sticks and stones VS Modern tech, and you start to get an idea
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    Do you think Halo 4 is coming to PC?

    Thats... what I was saying... With it on PC it will lose lots of sales to pirating. With it on console, their biggest concern is it's used copy sales, which they can hurt with a online pass or unlock key It's really what kinda combination of money/PR they want to make off of it
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    Do you think Halo 4 is coming to PC?

    Probably not for 2 big reasons 1. Its one of the only big truly Xbox-exclusive series they have now 2. Bringing it to PC will probably make anyone who owns a PC and an Xbox just pirate the game for PC, and if they like it enough, buy it [recent statistics show that thanks to pirating, bringing...
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    hey everyone ^3^

    Welcome Don't listen to him, go straight for the Den
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    If anthros existed in real life, would you date one?

    That's like, the best analogy you could have possibly come up with, drawn from life experience creepy
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    It started

    I've done this one too Its funny when my friends brother sits me down and says "You made my brother a furry"
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    Warning: Side effects of this thread may include...

    My anticonvulsants, to help my seizures Side effects are depression, nausia, sudden changes of behavior, drowsiness/sleepiness, oh and of course seizures
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    If you had 1 minute to live before you die?

    I would do this, but I have a different password for every service I use, and its not saved to any browsers and since I like to err on the safe side of 16-char passwords, I would probably get about 4 passwords in before I died xD Permanent Private Browsing Mode: Because I never looked at...
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    How do you justify your furries?

    The same reason Gundam has always been about giant robots because they're cool
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    Finally, someone can answer me Do they actually show good stuff on LOGO? Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay, read the important stickies, and dont mess up the furniture