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  1. RemedyKun

    Any texans on here?

    Im from Tejas and would like to make new friends too lol
  2. RemedyKun

    Herbal Remedies

    Raw garlic and honey fix basically anything from a little cold to the plague. 100% black magic guaranteed :3
  3. RemedyKun

    Back in action baby ;3

    Back in action baby ;3
  4. RemedyKun

    (New) New Furry Server on Discord!

    Id like to rejoin if possible.... I was going through a lot of bad stuff at the time, had a bit of a breakdown, and isolated myself from everyone... I'm doing a lot better now though and would like to try and make some friends again :3
  5. RemedyKun

    League Of Legends Furs?...

    Is there a League club for the Furry community?.... I think It'd be fun if not <3 Summoner - RemedyKun
  6. RemedyKun

    (New) New Furry Server on Discord!

    I wanna come too ;w;
  7. RemedyKun

    Do you like YIFF?

    All porn is a form of art, and it should be appreciated as such <3
  8. RemedyKun

    What makes you push forward?

    Knowing that if I were to die or disappear I would hurt people... It's worth me having to suffer if it makes other happy <3
  9. RemedyKun

    Fur20 Question time

    What does being a furry mean to you? Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  10. RemedyKun

    Stoner Furry Groups?..

    O On my hand darling <3
  11. RemedyKun

    Stoner Furry Groups?..

    I wish more people were stoned
  12. RemedyKun

    Could you handle being a werewolf?

    Thats what a moon noob would say :cool:
  13. RemedyKun

    (Location) furries

    Dallas, Texas <3
  14. RemedyKun

    Could you handle being a werewolf?

    There is no way in actual hell I could control myself once I transformed... And besides that, people would always be hunting my ass down... I couldn't admire teh full moon anymore either... That'd kinda suck
  15. RemedyKun

    Do you feel related to your fursona? How? Why?

    Me am cat bear, I like sleep, floof, laying around, and food.... You touch my cubs (friends) Ill rip you limb from limb <3 But I'm usually pretty affectionate <3