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  1. Renard De Fleureaux

    Desperation Sale! $2-$15 Commisions

    Okay, so, I'm just like any other artist on FA- I'm in need of money! Here's what I offer- Icons/Avatars; $2 Sketches; $4 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4355332/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3499425/ Line/Inked; $6.50 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3851151/...
  2. Renard De Fleureaux

    The Keep-Unemployed-Artists-Alive Fund!

    Hullo, all! Alright, so, I'm in some money troubles, I know, rare situation, but, to stave me off until I'm hired, I'd like to do a little business. I'm a fairly new artist, but, I kinda like to think I'm pretty good. I have several offers; For sketches, which I'm most proficient in...
  3. Renard De Fleureaux

    Hello! Trade (of sorts...)

    Okay! Hello! I'm Renard, and I have a problem: I can't draw. Which is a pity, because I, like most FA patrons, have a fursona; the lovably vain, but occasionally charming, fox, Renard De Fleureaux, and I love seeing pictues of the guy XD. And, seeing as I feel...rude, almost? In asking for...
  4. Renard De Fleureaux

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    Oh, um, if it helps, my cousin was Glouton. He's the one that origianlly watched you, and, when I got his account, marked Glouton, I got his watchlist, too, so, I got you along with it!
  5. Renard De Fleureaux

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    And I love it that, they blame the WRONG people in the governement for this! They're not even nabbing the real crooks, just shouting at the first politician who dares to show his face. And, I'll take one of those Jalebi, if you please.
  6. Renard De Fleureaux

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    Even stranger still, the government's all up in arms about the obesity "epidemic" but, the U.S. is NOT the world's fattest country, actually, we're third. Australia is fattest, and I forget the second.
  7. Renard De Fleureaux

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    That ALONE is enough to say BMI is bull. The only good things the french gave us was the Statue of Liberty and good food. And, as I'm posting, I myself am not fat, six foot two, 153 pounds...I'd LIKE to gain a bit of weight, though I'd prefer it to be muscle. However, I am a fan of fatfur art...
  8. Renard De Fleureaux

    How big is your anthro/furry/yiff folder?

    I'll just say, +18,000 pics, organized by species, then artist. Though, not alot of it would comprise of actual porn....none of it, actually
  9. Renard De Fleureaux

    happen to know any furry or even anyone in north korea?

    North Korea has it's people locked up like a safe, no way there are furries in NK, they have other things to worry about... like getting food, and not being killed by their "glorious leader" the fat, psychopathic, ugly dictator, Kim Jong Il. Though, there are furries in other communist...
  10. Renard De Fleureaux

    Good or Evil?

    Renard's abit eogtistical, but, he wouldn't do anything seriously bad....so, I say he's good.
  11. Renard De Fleureaux

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    If Renard ever had a weapon, it'd probably be European....most likely the cutlasses used in the 18th century.
  12. Renard De Fleureaux

    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    I was raised Methodist, and continue to call myself one. I believe Christ died for our sins, and those that accept him, despite race, history, sexual preference, number of sins, whatever, will be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven when we die
  13. Renard De Fleureaux

    Anyone Have Some Freetime?

    Hi! I'm Renard, the saracastic photographer fox. Being a photographer and author, I lack in actually being able to draw... I suck at it. Ergo, my fursona has never seen the light of day, well, except for my avi, but he doesn't even have a body. Soooo...anyone looking to sketch out a...
  14. Renard De Fleureaux

    Photo-taking Fox

    Hey, everyone! It's nice to be here, I'm Renard De Fleureaux, an author and photographer on FA. My gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/renarddefleureax/ I'm a tall, thin fox with mismatched eyes, a know-it-all, sometimes sarcastic, but a tendency to be overtly polite, and willing...