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    Sampling in rap.

    I'll just kind of bump in, because I do a lot of heavy sampling. To me, sampling is partially a collage work, but moreso for me, taking something that means a lot to me, and incorporating it into something new that I can enjoy (and hopefully others in the process). Sampling has always been...
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    Where are the ads?

    i'm rather eagerly awaiting the return of ads; i bought space about a month ago, and haven't had any airtime due to the lack of ads at all :[
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    Module files uploadable please!

    they play in winamp, just not properly. if you use plugins, they will not load; if you use certain instrument commands, they will not work; a lot of volume and pitch automation does not work; most importantly, OpenMPT supports "modern" tempo calculation, which does NOT work in winamp. the song...
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    Module files uploadable please!

    winamp does not play module files properly for the most part unless you get a good plugin. having FA use a seperate player for module files would be silly, considering how few people use trackers. all of my music is in IT format, but it doesn't play in anything properly, including modplug's...
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    Fur Affinity, Fan Art/Fiction and the DMCA

    You cannot copyright a character. You can copyright an image of one. A character would be a registered trademark of a company. It's not the same kind of property.
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    Site Outage: Feb 25, 2009

    cool story bro You are aware I was referring to the likelihood of a huge password leak in this scenario, right? We had all been informed as to what happened and how, and retrieving the amount of data that Sharpfang made note of isn't going to happen in two minutes, especially considering that...
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    Site Outage: Feb 25, 2009

    Sharpfang, unless you're going to back that up, I don't think anybody's going to believe you. Tincrash's password ONLY was compromised elsewhere, and it was a direct attack on them originally.
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    Hacked account

    A lot of people don't seem to understand that ED, while it contains things directed at certain people directly, is maintained in a way that the content it contains is very satirically written.
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    A list of the damaged profiles?

    It was not a major security breach. Tincrash's password was compromised elsewhere (as their DA, messengers, and other online dwellings were hit), and then Tincrash's account, after being hit here, was accidentally set to admin by another admin. It was simple human error.
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    How and why we write music

    Because it feels good. You don't need a better reason.
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    Your idols in music

    Hirokazu Tanaka (composer for the original Metroid game, Kid Icarus, and others). Tanaka seems like a nerdy choice, but his composing style has ALWAYS hit home with me. I saw Patton mentioned above and definitely have to give him mention as well. Very inspiring guy. :]
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    Admin Control Panel

    A WMF is a vector graphic format, isn't it? A JPG is a graphic format, isn't it? You're hiding a vector graphic in a graphic. If you're hiding code in that WMF, you're hiding executable code in a WMF, so you've got code in code in code. Firefox reads metadata for all files, last I checked...
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    Admin Control Panel

    Even IrfanView does this.
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    furry music

    Oh my God I love this thread ahahahahahahahhah
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    Opinions On Fractal Artwork.

    Does this mean we're going to start removing Photoshop graphics where nothing but pre-defined effects and layer styles are used?