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    Change to the favorite's system is needed?

    Would be nice if they took care of it though. I kinda put a way to do it in my most recent journal on my page. Basically the system references the list of people who have faved the submission and uses it to clear the space off the favorites pages. It would be a rather simple process...
  2. Repiotou

    Change to the favorite's system is needed?

    As things stand with the favorite-ing system, if the owner of a faved submission deletes the submission, it leaves a space in the favorites page that really shouldn't be there. I propose a possible addition to the system that clears off deleted submissions, so that they don't clutter up the...
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    Need your fursona's!

    He was last active on the 5th. So who knows?
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    My recently made old RP character.

    I have tried to give more thought to this character, as it was made up on the fly, thinking he could use some tuning. This is from a Gaia Online RP with someone else mind you, and all our characters are Mary Sue in terms of the fact they have supernatural powers, and their potential strength is...
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    If you woke up and were a furry.

    I would probably make a WTF face behind the mask and then scream uncontrollably for five minutes before realizing "I'M A F&#(ING CHIMERA, BITCH!" Then I would enlist in REAL Wrestling and kick some major ass. *Not a wrestling fan, just throwing that out there.*
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    Computer Generated Art and Screenshots

    I don't use Poser, I was just giving my two cents. That is unless you are speaking generally, in which case, please continue on.
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    Need your fursona's!

    If I had your email I could send you the song, and a few more. Tales of Symphonia was an awesome game. EDIT: Use How to Draw type books to get yourself a base. If you're looking to draw Manga style pictures, I could recommend a few, if not, it still wouldn't be a bad idea as a way to start...
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    Computer Generated Art and Screenshots

    The fact that person may not have the necessary skills to make such a good web site (web design, coding, etc) notwithstanding? One of things admins and members alike must always expect. Not everybody is going to agree with the admin's decisions. People say they know to expect that, but their...
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    Getting dragged into your own story?

    I haven't had a 'Muse Moment' in awhile, unless you count me spontaneously drawing a recent sketch I have titled "The Wolf and the Snow Maiden" out of nowhere a 'Muse Moment", but that isn't writing. Its been awhile since I have written anything. My last project was an Ace Combat Fanfic called...
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    Need your fursona's!

    Well some of his moves involve using his wings as blunt weapons. *If you go to my page, a sketch of his latest update (His Wings) is there. Though it is in black and white. Those moves are mainly to swat away his opponents far enough to have room to make a clean jump into the air, where he might...
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    Need your fursona's!

    For both of them or just one? I think they could go either way.
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    Mixed Species Fursonas

    I am a Chimæra. Fox, Gorilla and Winged Fire Dragon to be exact....Just thought it was a cool combination and that it fit what I wanted my fursona to be. He was originally going to be a mixture off five animals (Fox, Bat, Hawk, Dragon and Gorilla) so I took out two of them to make him a...
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    Characters that came into my head.

    I updated Truqué's (Formerly "Chat") Mini-Bio: Now with more STUFF! EDIT: @ Renard: You mean like "Fréde Katte?"
  14. Repiotou

    Nintendo Channel Surprises

    I haven't gotten on the Wii recently. No new AA's for my Wiimote. Need to pester someone to get them.
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    I suggest you fix what the URL takes to get to the main page. forum.furaffinity.net for example will take you to the main page of FurAffinity.net, and it makes logging in a pain, because for me, when I press the login button with the right password, it sends me to the password retrieval system...