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    Seeking paid and volunteer writers and sample reviewers

    @Flamingo Thank you!
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    your latest purchase ! :3

    Was hired to clear a blackberry thicket, when I discovered this underneath. It was camouflaged with green algae and mosses, and had blackberry canes in the engine compartment, but surprisingly little rust. When I asked the landowner about it, he said, "If you want it, you can have it." He even...
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    "favorite fruit" thread

    I couldn't say. Once mixed with onions, peppers, cilantro. . . they taste like 'salsa'. I've seen them used raw and roasted. My guess is that they use the fruit primarily for their firmer texture. They don't break down to seedy mush like tomatoes tend to do. (edit: They are a staple in green...
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    What are you reading?

    (edit: Just read )"Friends in High Places", by Donna Leon. It is one of many detective murder mysteries written by her, a favorite author of a friend of mine. It's a quick and easy read. The setting is in Venice, Italy, and the core protagonist, throughout the series, is a rather jaded...
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    "favorite fruit" thread

    I have eaten them, but only prepared as an ingredient of some Mexican salsas. I can't claim a favorite fruit. I like many of them.
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    Reinitiating/Initiating conversations

    Do nothing, initiate nothing, and don't bother with people at all. Continue to stew alone. This effortless approach will net you a quiet life, devoid of the work inherent to meaningful friendships.
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    Looking for some unbiased critique

    Comments: "The Searching, Part 1" Disclaimer: I am not a professional editor, nor have I sat in an English literature class in decades. Certainly there are others who could give more concise feedback than I am currently capable of giving. I started to put your work through a PDF editor...
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    Reinitiating/Initiating conversations

    Responding here as 'the generic listener/the other person': If you have something to 'say', I'm happy to 'hear' it. If, however, you (the other in the conversation) only want someone to vent to, or to tell all of your (very long list of) troubles to, then I will quickly grow tired of the...
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    My introduction

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    What I meant to say was

    Those anchovies look great on your side of the pizza.
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    Writers: How do you come up with plots?

    For me, plots most often stem from just playing around with conversation. Two characters begin a discussion; maybe even talk about the weather, at a train station/market/fort. . ., while waiting to go [where?]. As they discuss their lives and their views, based on their own experiences of this...
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    Looking for good resources for info for writing a piratey-themed story

    Funny, (Treasure Island was) the only story that I could come up with for a while. Another might be the "Horatio Hornblower" (book) series, though that's more of a naval setting, and maybe a little later along the timeline than you were looking for. (edit)
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    what makes a great handler

    I'll answer as best I can remember. I haven't walked with or walked as Smokey Bear since the late 90s. I think we used the term "escort" at the time, but I'm not certain of this. Bodyguard, a guiding hand, and spokesperson. That's the simplest way I can put it. That person is the eyes and ears...