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  1. Reptillicus

    Do you believe in God, or some similar thing?

    this^ fuck anyone that thinks they should tell other people what to believe I do believe in something anyway
  2. Reptillicus

    So ... hi?

    oh? a fellow roleplayer? nice.
  3. Reptillicus

    Rate The Song Above You!

    ~oooh not bad not bad at all oddly enough this makes me think of a level in doom. I could totally play this while shooting demons and stuff. for real though this is clean AF 9/10 this song is so stuck in my head right now! its got that old sonic cd vibe that I just love to pieces! Hype Music...
  4. Reptillicus

    NSFW request - one slot open

    if you're hurting for something to draw how about giving my gecko girl a shot i'm always happy to see her drawn in other peoples styles. if you decide to draw her i should note that she's very shy sexually speaking so she would never be the dom in a nsfw situation
  5. Reptillicus


    hey your art is pretty good. your style is very distinct.
  6. Reptillicus

    If you could tell the people of the past something, what would it be?

    i'd go back a couple years or so and tell Nintendo not to make paper mario sticker star, then i'd go tell masahiro sakurai to put a freakin' adventure mode in ssb4
  7. Reptillicus

    Open Chat

    heh join the club
  8. Reptillicus

    Is there anyone who made their own fursona/OC?

    simple spelling error what do you care
  9. Reptillicus

    Is there anyone who made their own fursona/OC?

    yes I'm proad to say i make all my characters myself. the back story, the art, and all that jazz. my gecko jenny is more or less my sona
  10. Reptillicus

    TF2 : BLU or RED ?

    blu for me, as light blue is my favorite color.
  11. Reptillicus

    First attempt at a drawing

    hey not bad! for somewhat doesn't draw this kinda stuff often this is pretty good if you ask me. show us more stuff when you draw it.
  12. Reptillicus

    What are your favorite uncommon furs?

    there are allot of dinos i'd love to see more art for. like allosarus for example
  13. Reptillicus

    Is there any websites out there where I can put my DEMO on

    do you have to be so insufferable
  14. Reptillicus

    How do You Cope with the Negative Stigma of being a Furry?

    i've never had any problems with me being what i am nobody ever was all like "oh hes a furry so hes a weirdo" to me. but then again i would just tell em to fuck off if they did
  15. Reptillicus

    A new furry game is out on the market

    oh, this looks neeto!