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    Hiring: Need 30 Feral Cat Arts

    Hiya! I love cats. These are a bit older, but relevant samples: Portfolio: Morgan E. S. Richard: Illustration Artstation: ArtStation - Morgan Richard You can contact me via email at mrichard0077@gmail.com, I take paypal.
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    Sketchbook: Reserved Krolik's Recent Art

    Been a while, hasn't it? I've been busy, though not so much on the furry side.
  3. Reserved_Krolik

    show me your old and today's art!

    Hmmm. Okay, here's mine. Old, Circa...2012? And the last thing I did.
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    Reserved Krolik's Auctions and Commissions! (SFW)

    Here's a quality promo for Campfire Gaze, using my own character. Nearly a month to the day of when it was promised. Work got in the way.
  5. Reserved_Krolik

    Looking To Hire An Artist! *CLOSED*

    Dunno if my style's what you're looking for, but here's my info.
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    Transgender Children's Book

    This is really nice! I'm kind of amazed that you were able to make it in 5 days! Lovely message, too. :D
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    Please Buy My Art

    You might get more hits if there are examples of the finished work, to be honest.
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    Reserved Krolik's Auctions and Commissions! (SFW)

    I'll have a promo finished version up in the next week or so of campfire gaze.
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    Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis

    I'm enjoying the remake so far. My SO and I got about 2/3rds through the original years ago until moving/difficulty finding the episodes got in the way. It's interesting seeing how some of the designs, while updated, were still recognizable as the characters, even before we got the little tag...
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    Reserved Krolik's Auctions and Commissions! (SFW)

    I figured it'd be easier to make a catch all thread, since I'm picking up the pace. Please bid on the link for the YCH, bids made on this thread will be discounted. Current YCH: Campfire Gaze This one is unlimited, and is neither time limited or limited by buyer! It's 10$, and the final art is...
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    My latest work...

    Thanks! I like the monochrome stuff the best, myself.
  12. Reserved_Krolik

    My latest work...

    Got the okay!
  13. Reserved_Krolik

    My latest work...

    Some YCH's and requests I've done recently. I enjoy doing them, and I've sort of worked out a good process, I think. I've got one more YCH, but I'm waiting on the okay from the winner.
  14. Reserved_Krolik

    Furry artists selling paintings

    ... Well, good luck with that. Something that size, you're looking at roughly $1000 at the very least.