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Hullo! I'm Vince, I'm 18, socially awkward, androgyne, and just all around really strange. I like horror, punk, metal, stuffed animals, napping, and the Punisher. Below are my six sonas' profiles. To briefly put it, I have Toby, Puck, Ari, Fyfe, Cal, and Cressida. Still working on them...

Name: Tobias Kent Aquarius (Prefers to go by Toby)
Age: 38
Birthday: February 2nd
Species: Bear-goat
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual, but he needs time to get to know somebody before he gets romantically/sexually involved
Likes: Punk rock, metal music, anarchy, Mexican food, MMA, and playing guitar.
Dislikes: Ignorance, racism, sexism, the system, and socks.
Powers (If applicable): He has a berserker mode that he can go into on command and control. When this happens, his horns glow red, his teeth grow large, and he grows to 7'3.
Occupation: Body guard
Appearance: 6'3, chubby but not fat, muscular arms. He has light brown fur, with dark red fur on his muzzle and horns. He has black on his Mohawk and lower arms. His eyes are a rich brown. He wears ripped denim shorts, a "Miskits" t-shirt, and a battle vest with band patches on it. He hates shoes and socks because his feet are big and rip all of his shoes up.

Name: Puck Bartholomew Gemini (Goes by Puck)
Age: 25
Birthday: August 21st
Species: Raccoon.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual, very open.
Likes: Stealing socks and chapstick, building forts (pillow forts, stick forts, etc.), hiding under beds, and eating garbage.
Dislikes: Flashlights, brooms, people with no sense of humor, and cheese (it's like garlic to a vampire to him)
Powers (If applicable): Teleportation, shadow manipulation, he has the ability to morph with the earth and tunnel around without people noticing.
Occupation: Professional thief for hire.
Appearance: 5'2, slender with a little stomach pouch. All of his fur except the rings on his tail, the mask around his eyes, and his paws are a pale green, the remaining fur is a darker green. His eyes are purple. He does not wear clothes, except for a magical rucksack that he keeps his stolen socks and chap-stick in. He also wears a purple bandanna around his neck.

Name: Ariel West Taurus (Goes by Ari)
Age: 29
Birthday: May 17th
Species: Etheriline (Original species)
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: The outdoors, especially forests, picnics, gardening, the smell of basil, and napping.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, bullies, hot weather, and puzzles.
Powers (If applicable): Etherilines have the ability to go inside their own minds and meditate, they have a third eye in which they can see anything in the world, from a dog in India to a bird's nest on top of the Statue of Liberty. Most etherilines are a mutt, so they only have slight telekinesis, meaning they can lift themselves and small objects in the air. But, Ari is a purebred eteriline, meaning they can also lift natural objects, such as any body of water, trees, and rocks. They cannot control fire, ice, or metal.
Occupation: Therapist and artist.
Appearance: 5'6. Etherilines are cat-like in their faces and they have a line of fur that runs from their nose to the end of their tail. Their tails are prehensile like a monkeys, but are long and fluffy like a snow leopard. Their fur comes in either a tabby formation or tiger stripes, except on their bellies. All etherilines have antlers that grow a prong for every decade that they live, the average etheriline lives to have 16-18 prongs. Etherilines also have no gender, and have a set of both male and female sex organs. Ari has a light blue base for their fur, and they have a dark blue and purple tabby pattern. Their eyes are a light purple, and they only wear a navy blue sash around their waste. Their line of fur that runs from their nose to tail is white. Their antlers are also white.
February 13
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Bear-goat hybrid
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