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    Open Source?

    I think your being a little pessimistic. I would bet that contributors would spot security holes before attackers. I know it might be a little naive to say, but I doubt many people would go out of their way to scan an entire code base just to attack a site like Furaffinity. Most people smart...
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    get more W3C compliant!

    Verdana is also safe on Mac OS X.
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    Open Source?

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    Open Source?

    I wasn't only referring to FA's code base, its seems pointless to make it open source, but it could help with Ferrox development. Couldn't hurt? Even if someone wanted to, I doubt it would affect FA? There is probably already an open source DeviantArt type app.
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    Open Source?

    After spending some time reading this threads about the site status, and looking through site and code discussions. I've begun to wonder why FA code is not open sourced? I assume there is some sort of version control begin used. Why not host a bug tracking site, such as trac, and allow people to...
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    The Folding@Home FurAffinity Team

    I'll install it on my old dual 2.5 G5, that I don't use at all.
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    In user settings, for type of artist. I think "3d modeller" should be spelt "3d modeler". When I checked the dictionary thats what it it read.