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  1. Revrant

    Commission recommendation?

    I've been looking to commission a simple piece of art, SFW, one feral character, set in nature, I'm trying to find a good quality to price ratio, does anybody have recommendations for an artist?
  2. Revrant

    How about them Academy Awards

    I sat through them for the first time since I was a kid, I was already miffed about WALL-E and The Dark Knight not being up for best picture, I don't really care for Hugh so I didn't warm up to him. Slum swept the awards, which boggles my mind, because much like Button everyone I knew put a gun...
  3. Revrant

    Who's the REAL Worst Band?

    By far Hollywood Undead, so I chose other. =D
  4. Revrant

    360 Vs. PS3 Vs. Wii

    I love seeing all of the fan boy nonsense on here, "oh lololol the X360 is my space heater!" So what's the PS3 to you? The post-MGS4 Paperweight? I chose X360, it was a hard choice between that and Wii, but I think Live really sold it for me, as both have lots of great games. I played some...
  5. Revrant

    Second Life Help for a beginner

    Yeah sorry, guess I was mistaken about that
  6. Revrant

    Second Life Help for a beginner

    Actually it's 186 to a dollar and it seems the more you spend the more valuable each dollar becomes, I did the math yesterday and discovered ten dollars nets you quite a bit more than it should from the starting point of 186 a dollar.
  7. Revrant

    Second Life Help for a beginner

    I forgot about this, that wasn't very helpful, which is pretty much the kind of reply I got on SL a few hours after I posted this, I found a sexified little fella who helped me, in more ways than one, so I don't need the help anymore, thanks for, I dunno, reading this.
  8. Revrant

    Second Life Help for a beginner

    I was going to just throw this up on a journal or find someone to maybe give me some advice through their journal, but since FA is down... I just decided to try Second Life after seeing some pr0n relating to it, and I don't quite grasp the concept, you need real money to buy the virtual...
  9. Revrant

    PS3 launch shipments cut, Chaos rages forth.

    Man, I never intend to buy a PS#, four, five, on and on, and I will never own one, so I have to say all of the coverage can get on my nerves from time to time. I'm a bit confused as to why someone would want a launch unit of any console, especially considering the premiums usually attached, and...
  10. Revrant

    How Do You Connect? - Part Deux

    Closest City of Chicago 9458 down. 365 up. Seattle, WA 6234 down. 310 up. Up varied quite a bit on Seattle, I took it three times on Seattle, got 440, then 180, pretty strange. I love this test, it actually seems to TEST it, all the other tests do something else, I know nothing of...
  11. Revrant

    Need for Speed: Carbon

    I like the big rims, mostly, you know, the ones that connect at four large flat ends? I think those are classy, I don't like the flashy ones myself, though I have to admit, even though I never roof scoop and rarely do anything to the hood, I do Love the big Ricer-looking bodies.
  12. Revrant

    Need for Speed: Carbon

    Scary. *returns, clinging to his custom silver Viper* There she is four months ago, back in the golden days of innocence.
  13. Revrant

    Need for Speed: Carbon

    I just threw in the Corvette since it and the Viper use the same game properties and all, my love is definitely the Viper, and it's scored me well over 15 million in Most Wanted, so to see it become this flippity floppity piece of crap, it was depressing, and it should've been an Exotic, for...
  14. Revrant

    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    Nothing fancy, built it myself, bought every component on NewEgg. AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 1GB GeIL PC3200 ABIT KN8 nForce 4 Ultra Cooler Master Real Power Blah Blah Blah 450W with Active PFC Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 Samsung Floppy WD Caviar 250GB etc etc. NEC ND-3550A And a crappy old...
  15. Revrant

    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

    RE: Dawn of War:  Dark Crusade I've been playing lots of this, I loved Dawn Of War and Winter Assault(Despite all of the changes in this one)...I have to say the limitation on how many specific units you can build is depression, I used to get the biggest maps, set up with only two other CPUs...