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    (Commission) Selling: Tooth & Claw | Clean, sharp renders [$8-$45]

    Welcome. Let's cut to the chase, I got commissions open, and you probably want art. Examples Headshot, Flat Colour Headshot, Soft-shaded Waist up, cel-shaded Full body, cel-shaded Want more examples? Check out my DeviantArt. All prices are in USD and I accept Paypal. Pricing...
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    Hiring: Looking for artists to help with my Fursona $5-$50

    Hey there! I'm interested in this project, I love helping people settle on their fursona! I know your thread is a little image heavy and I don't want to clog it further, so do check out my Deviantart for examples! Rexcaliburr's DeviantArt gallery
  3. Rexcaliburr

    Hiring: Looking for a NSFW hypno-themed piece <$75

    Hey there! I'm interested in this project. Do contact me if you're interested in my style! If you want more examples, do check my Deviantart! Rexcaliburr's DeviantArt gallery
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    What's your main Fursona?

    Name: Navire Sanchez Race: Cheetah Sex: Female Age: 27 Fur: Sand Eyes: Green Other: Has a long scar running from just below her left shoulder to above the wrist. Sexuality: Straight Relationship: Married. Photo: Navire Sanchez on Toyhouse (The picture is pretty big)
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    Sad fact about your fursona

    Her mother was shot in front of her when she was a child, her brother abandoned her out of frustration, and the man who took her in as his daughter died without ever getting to see her become who she is today.
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    What Vehicle(s) Do Your Sona Own?

    A classy, blood-stained, "oh god is that entrails on the wheels" Outrunner.
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    How Did You Get Your Fursona?

    My brother and I used to play all sorts of imaginary roleplay games. We had characters who were talking cats named Fur (mine) and Tails (my brother's), and we had all sorts of other characters like giant snail grandpas, giant parrots with cheesy comebacks, and they went on all sorts of...
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    Where does your sona live?

    This hellhole.
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    Does your sona cook? And if so, what foods do they like to make?

    One of my sonas is a master chef. The other.... could set cereal on fire somehow.
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    show me pics of your fursona!

    Here's mine, it's Warden! He's an original species known as a Monolith I created myself. Very handsome, glowy lad. If I could ever get a fursuit of him with LEDs, I'd be mad happy.
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    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Rex's Art Shenanigans | Digital, Cel-Shading | $5-$30 commissions!

    @Lucifer The Dragoness Yes please! Notes will be fine ^^